Author: Aaron

WordPress Empty spam button redirects to homepage

Hopefully this helps someone as it was driving me insane for the last few weeks.  Every time I clicked the Empty Spam button via WordPress comments it would just redirect me to my website root.  Server Error logs, wp_debug produced nothing – no errors or issues of any kind. The WP Super cache emptying Cache shortcut would also produce the same result. After comparing My WHM powered server with another one the difference appeared to be with Mod_security and the ruleset used.  The Hit List log didn’t tell me a great deal and deciphering a potential problematic ruleset started...

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Thunderbird not importing Outlook Fix

Not sure why this hasn’t been fixed by mozilla yet but the latest versions of Thunderbird will not import from Microsoft Outlook at all. To do this you need to install version 31.8.0 which can be found right here: After you have imported you can update to the latest version without...

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Australian Bookkeeping Project: Books OnSite

Booksonsite is a relatively new project I was working on a few months ago which required taking a proprietary closed source html based website and converting it to something a bit more user friendly. Converting websites to be mobile friendly is still one of my biggest requests with around 80% of web development time dedicated towards it. Web Features: Mobile Friendly: Books OnSite is now completely responsive and mobile ready.  This means that regardless what device you are browsing with, Books Onsite will look great at all resolutions. Simplified:  The whole design has been re-worked in order to provide...

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WordPress: Redirect to Taxonomy

In rare situations, removing the WordPress single page format (single.php) and redirection to a parent such as a taxonomy can have massive advantages, especially if you have continuously expiring content.  This is a solution I came up specifically for use with The Couponic. Coupons are their own post type (coupons_type) and this code redirects them to a Store based Taxonomy This quick solution which can be added to your themes functions.php file: [box] // COUPONIC COUPON CUSTOM POSTS add_action( ‘template_redirect’, ‘redirect_single_coupon’ ); function redirect_single_coupon() { is_singular( ‘coupons_type’ ) and wp_redirect( ‘../’,301 ) and exit; }[/box]...

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