Buying Electronic Cigarette’s in Australia

You have probably scoured the net and read all the positive comments on the e-cig phenomena so are ready to buy an electronic cigarette?

If so, you are in for a treat as switching to this battery powered product is definitely a healthier and cleaner alternative to conventional cigarettes and other forms of tobacco smoking.  Personally, switching to e-cigs is one of the best things I have ever done.

What to buy for a first time e-cig purchase? Updated 13th November 2011

For a first time user I would definitely recommend a Joye 501 starter kit or a Ego / Riva starter kit which is similar to the Joy 501 but has a higher capacity battery.  You have a choice of manual and automatic types though I really recommend manual as you can control the vaping experience to suit and as previously discussed, the auto versions can have some serious issues.

JOYE 510, is one of the most popular types of electronic cigarettes.  The starter pack if ordered from a store like Health Cabin comes with 2 manual batteries, 2 atomizers, and 5 cartridges, everything you need in order to make the switch.

JOYE eGo, is a unique design incorporating easy charging with excellent long lasting battery life including 2 atomizers, 2 3.7V 650mAh rechargeable batteries, 2 Atomizer covers, a AC-USB Adapter(US or Euro Plug), a USB Charger, pouch and 5 Standard tobacco flavour cartridges.

JOYE eGo-T, The eGo-T is the first e-cigarette to apply the new tank system for dripping e-liquid directly into its tank cartridge without the use of tissue inside the tank. This new system makes dripping easier and less frustrating for consumers in general.  The eGo-T atomisers can work well on regular all ego batteries (650mah,900mah or 1000mah).

I personally recommend the LR(LOW RESISTANCE) Type B eGo-T over the type A though this is more personal preference than a definite recommendation.  If you can, get a pack of LR type Cartomizers which work well with the EGo type batteries.  A pack of LR cartomises costs around 4 to 5 dollars and this is what I use 90% of the time.

The standard Joye 510 e-cigs look a lot like an analogue cigarette, even including a LED tip to further stimulate the conventional smoking experience.  Most people after trialling the JOYE 510’s usually upgrade to the higher capacity versions.  I get around 1 hour of vaping using the 510 between charges but get around 8 hours using the Joye and similar versions like the Riva.

E-juice/E-Liquid, sometimes referred to as nicotine juice, e-liquid, or smoke juice, is a cost effective way of extending the life of your cartridges.  Once your cartridge is empty, simply put a few drops of e-juice into your cartridge.  I smoked about 25 medium strength cigs a day, which were about 8mg rated and found that 18mg e-juice was perfect for my needs. Ecigs deliver nicotine differently to your body so using a higher mg strength juice than what you were normally smoking ends up being quite normal.  Tests have shown the body receives 5 times as less nicotine than the old tobacco ciggie, though compensates by producing a quicker hit of nicotine in the short term.

Whatever you do, don’t rush out and buy an electronic cigarette from just any online store.

Not all e-cigarettes are created equal, there are copies, some good, some bad and new sites are appearing daily offering varying degrees of quality merchandise. Some users have issues ranging from simple mechanical failures like battery lifespans, atomizers that have been produced poorly causing them to either get clogged way too easily or arrive dead on delivery.  A dodgy atomizer produces poor vapor quality and lack of volume which could put off a potential tobacco smoking convert – Something I would hate to see happen.

The best way to avoid these problems is to educate yourself on the best models, brands and manufacturers of electronic cigarette products.  Recently a  vast majority of manufacturers are producing cheaply made inferior products which are blatant copies of the original.  The good news is that there are a handful of reputable companies with top of the line ecig goodness that will give you a realistic smoking experience which WILL help you make the switch.

I personally recommend Health Cabin for purchases requiring nicotine, price and quality is top notch, and if you require non nicotine purchases, Ecigz Australia is another local place I frequent for my ecig goods but you shouldn’t have any trouble with any aussie supplier.  For other Quality overseas vendors which sell nicotine based ecig products you could try Heaven Gifts and Eastmall.

It is illegal In Australia to sell nicotine products, so most reputable local suppliers only sell non nicotine products in regards to their electronic cigarette wares, it is however fine to import nicotine ecig products for personal use from stores like Health Cabin.

You can also find Electronic Cigarette Coupon Codes at EcigCodes.


  1. Been Vaping for about 10 days now and loving it. Ordered a LOT of various flavors ‘n 900mah batteries for the ego all up $400 worth in total from various sites.

    That however is the cost I’ll spend for 12 months worth of vapor cigs.

    $1.10 per day vs $20 per day = awesome.

    Cheers mate : – )

  2. I just found out today that Electronic Cigarettes containing nicotine are not just banned from sale here in Australia but are now “illegal” to use according to a representative of the Drugs & Poisons Regulatory Group who read to me like scripture, a paragraph about the illegalness of Electronic Cigarettes that contain nicotine from the Drug & Poisons Regulation Act of 1981?

    Can anyone else confirm this as true?

    When did they sneak this through parliament?

    If it is true what can we do about it as this surely breaks some fundamental freedom of choice issues right?


    • Tobacco cigs have nicotine, not to mention all the Nicorette so-called quit smoking products. The problem is the law is a reflection of nicotine use via tobacco products – not ecigs as per the 1981 date.

      If you search online in regards to nicotine as a standalone product, you cannot find anything.

      • That’s be cause nicotine in it’s pure form is too toxic to be sold. a tiny drop would kill you. There are lots of things tou cannot buy in their pure for for this same reason.

        • I think ‘part’ of the problem here is most people would not even know where to begin research to purify. The other most ‘part’ would be the hassle to get the required equipment.

          If you could buy or extract nicotine, It is ridiculously cheap to mix up.

          And almost any flavour is imaginable.

          Those that share are most likely teach those who share!

  3. VapersDelight Says:
    5. August 2010 at 7:16 pm

    I just found out today that Electronic Cigarettes containing nicotine are not just banned from sale here in Australia but are now “illegal” to use according to a representative of the Drugs & Poisons Regulatory Group who read to me like scripture, a paragraph about the illegalness of Electronic Cigarettes that contain nicotine from the Drug & Poisons Regulation Act of 1981?

    Can anyone else confirm this as true?

    Nah your allowed to use it. the exact ruling is…

    “the importation of nicotine for the purpose of resale is considered illegal.

    As for the rest of it… its basically a battery and a piece of wire and we all know u cannot class that as a drug.

  4. No, not a drug… Drug paraphernalia.

    It is quite ridiculous, I will be bringing this up with federal government.. I am not a smoker, in fact I despise the fact that smokers are able to smoke around our children etc etc.. That is why it makes no sense that we can not freely purchase these nicotine items in Australia. One day I’d like to see this as the only option available on the market. It just makes sense, it is the nicotine that hooks smokers. New Zealand researchers have tested these products and discovered that the standard cartridges contain no more nicotine than a patch. Of course there are still risks with something like this, but when something that is on the market with the same chemicals can be improved, that is what we should do. This product not only kicks the addiction, but also the habit and of course keeps our kids safe.

    What is not to love!

    • Hi, FYI The amount of nicotine contained in a patch would kill you if taken as a single dose. This is why it is soled in a patch, which releases only a small amount over 24 hours. Less than half of the nicotine contained in a patch is delivered to the blood stream over 24hours.
      This is the same for cigarettes. You onl;y absorb a small amount of the nicotine present

    • I dont care what you do with your agenda. Smoking is the worse decision anyone can make apart from rape and murder.

      Look at the bigger picture, These things are much better than a traditional ciggy. No TAR, No CO, No Butts(only reusable small tubes(come to think of it I dont know if there biodegradable, Though using one 200-500 times would help)).

      And in future when it is socially acceptable to puff on anything again. E-Vape will be its name. You dont need nicotine to enjoy a minty breath.
      The human nose is a very powerful sense. When someone is smoking or vapeing, One should be able to distinguish, Smoke from non-smoke. Or at some point is society going to banish people from second hand air.

      As for edicate(prolly spwelt wong), As with anything ‘Dont blow it in peoples faces. This dont help the cause. Tilt your head up or to the side when you exhale. This causes less drama and makes you appear to have some consideration to others.

      I kept it short, This could have easily run 100 lines.

      • “Smoking is the worse decision anyone can make apart from rape and murder.”

        What about eating maccas everyday?
        What about fucking a 16 year old?
        What about making and selling a pound of methamphetamine?
        What about being Tony Abbott? or George Bush?
        What about managing a fortune 500 corporation?
        What about working for pharma?

        Sorry, but there is no point making points anymore.

  5. I purchased an e-cig from the Markets on the weekend. I love it compared to the analogue smokes, the Guy who sold it said it was legal twice.

    I had pre juiced cartridges with it that had 15 mg of nicotine inside each cartridge. This cartridge was marked as High Nicotine level, but when I asked him if it had nicotine he said “No”. I have almost completely switched from analogue to digital cigs in four days. It’s awesome to smoke and tastes heaps better than analogue carbon burning tobacco.

    I began searching online, found it was hard to get juice with nicotine, Get 35mg nicotine level Over Seas and mix it down with some vegetable glycerin food grade from the supermarket in the cake section.

    This will make it last longer, anyways, so I went to the tobacconist, and found nobody sold e-juice, even the no nicotine level,they all say its illegal. Damn it, so I smoked it in westfield shopping centre to see if anyone approached me, nothing happened, cool hey. So I smoke it anywhere I am not supposed to smoke real cigarettes and its awesome.

    So now I vape instead.

    I just hope our backwards government in in OZ pulls their finger out and stops using lame excuses to ban a perfect alternative to smoking.

    How many other things are dangerous for our children that we can buy over the counter easy, how lame and stupid to say this is dangerous for children, it is nowhere near as bad as smoking real cigs around kids and leaving lighters around for them to light up….der!!

    ….We should make our own decisions we are mature enough..

    • which markets?

  6. where can i buy the joy 510 e cig please anyone?i heard a mention of markets please detail where from?

    • Hi
      Did you end up finding the ego kit? I know where you can get one.

  7. Can anyone please tell me where to buy e-cigs in Brisbane?

  8. I so don’t know how I was awarded that avatar…but it’s not one of my first choices… Mine would have a curly blond hair, rosey cheeks and happy eyes…

    Wonder if I’ll be stuck with the same Avatar when I click ‘Submit Comment’?

    ………….Let’s see……….

    ..Here goes..

    • :) The Avatar is automatically generated based on your email address. If you want a unique one for commenting here and other blogs you can create it at

  9. All of us ‘vapors’ need to write to Today Tonight and complain about the stupid laws that are preventing us from having and selling the E-cigs.
    I wrote to them today and hope to God I get a response.

    • Hi Renee
      Just goinf through some comments about ecigs and I was wondering if you ended up with a reply from today tonight in regards to the laws in Australia.

  10. I am interested in e cigarettes, but will not purchase over the internet. Just send me bare information on what stores keep the product in Brisbane Queensland Australia. Do not send me photos and other junk mailings, just a once only information on outlet stores in Brisbane. I will have you and the company blocked from my email address if you send me any other mail but the request of brisbane retail outlets.

    • Nice response LOL, this is a blog not a company and I don’t email spam on any occasion.

      You cannot buy a nicotine based e-cigarette product within Australia only hardware and the like so you are probably out of luck unless you want non nicotine.

      Some local markets in you area may be your best bet though there really
      isn’t any reason not to buy over the internet to be honest.

      • so can you sell 0mg ecigs as in markets and such

  11. Hey great advice Azzx! I was researching online about a month ago for all things ecig related after I heard about them and bumped into your site, which definitely helped a lot. I put aside some money and was about to purchase from one of your recommended stores then I went out with some mates about a week ago and one of my friends was using the ego-t, I had a try and it was awesome! I asked where he got it and he told me it was an all in one kit from he said he got it in the post just two days after buying, their deal seemed good so I bit the bullet and ordered one, three days later I got mine with flavored ejuice in the kit and loving it. I’ve been told to order some nicotine to mix with my juice from box elder chemicals in USA, ive tried them, but will also try your recommendation health cabin on my next order for more flavours… so still waiting on my nic that but heard they were good. I’ve already cut down to 2 or 3 smokes a day, down from about 10 per day and when my nicotine arrives I’ll stop the old smelly cigs for good! Thanks again for your advice mate, and all the best with your vaping.

    Btw, I think what the government or QH is doing is ludicrous… Hopefully they and big tobacco don’t get their dirty mits on this too much and put official bans on personal use of these. I’ve also just heard about a potential campaign for ecigs on getup! Vote “3 out of 3” for it at

  12. i really want to get an e cig does anyone sell them in sydney, preferably meet and buy cause i dont use my card online

    • HI MATE


  13. So I am wondering, is there a simple yes or no as to if it’s legal to import a bottle of nicotine that I can then mix up for vaping on an e-cig, I’ve been looking all over for an answer but the response is always different.

    • Yes it is legal to import a bottle of nicotine into Australia “for personal use”. Approximately 3 months supply can be brought in but I honestly don’t know how customs measure that…my partner uses more nic than me :-) I’m down to a couple of puffs per day on my nic juice at 8mg and the rest of the time i’m vaping no-nic butterscotch or choc mint, yum!

  14. Can you please contact me. I will like to purchase one of your JOYE eGO or JOYE eGO-T, for my husband. I smokes about 20-25 cigarettes a day. PLease let me know the cost and how it workes it. Many thanks

  15. I have just ordered 3 x 30ml bottles of nicotine choc flavoured liquid from the US, Can anyone tell me if I will have a problem with it passing through customs?
    I’m stressing out that it may get confiscated or I may get charged for importing an illegal substance. Many Thanks..

    • Should not be a problem. Customs have open my packages with e-juice and have let all of them through. They even left a note tellling me they had opened them.

    • It is legal to import for personal use.

  16. Are you in Brisbane if so where I need a store on the south side of Brisbane near Carina

    please call me 07 38436419

  17. The Law, as usual is a complete ASS with regards to Vaping. As said by one the commentators, we make our own decsisions, the Govt is meant to Represent us, not dictate to us how we lead our lives, and this is the point-it is a big point. If we want to Vape nicotine E-Liquid, well what business is it of the Governments? Get on and make the roads, look after infrastructure leave Adults to make their own choices. an Aussie E-Cig sales and reviews site, give it a visit support local business!





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