Here is a list of some of my websites and why they exist:

CouponIce Australia

If you have ever shopped online you may have come across the usage of coupon codes when you checkout your purchases.  Coupons, otherwise known as voucher or promo codes usually give you a direct discount at the time of purchase.  Retailers use coupons as incentives, loyalty rewards and for product marketing which can save you big money.

The Internet is now flooded with coupon sites offering mostly promotions or spammy links with no coupon in sight which is the reason I created CouponIce Australia. is a sister site which deals with UK and US coupons.

Steam Gamer

Steam Gamer is a news and community site dedicated to the Steam gaming platform for both the PC and Mac.  This site has been resurrected recently from the ashes of

AzzX is my gaming blog and first foray into online marketing.  Needs a bit of love at the moment.

GameServed is a directory of Game Server providers from around the world.  Currently updating this site at the moment as it is proving rather popular.


Shop Stream is Australia’s alternative online shopping search engine.  This is not a simple comparison website but a completely unique way of finding the product you are after.