ITC Processing

ITC Processing has been available on ATI graphics cards since Catalyst 9.2 though it can have a positive or negative impact depending on your display device.

Enabling ITC Processing for DTVs

  • ITC processing is a feature that enables display processors to use the appropriate pixel data processing algorithms based on specific content type to ensure video quality.
  • With ITC processing, the graphics driver enables the display to use its own video quality processing algorithms for movies played in full-screen mode on HDMI™ displays.
  • Note: This feature is available only for DTVs connected with HDMI cables and may not be available for all systems.

How to enable this in the ATI Catalyst Control Center

  • From the Graphics Settings tree, expand DTV.
  • Click Attributes.
  • Select or clear Enable ITC Processing as appropriate.
  • Select—Enables ITC processing for HDMI displays that are capable of the feature. When movies are played in full-screen mode, the display’s processors can be used to ensure video quality.
  • Clear—Disables ITC processing. Video quality is ensured by the graphics driver for all types of contents displayed.