Another story, Movie or TV idea in its planning stages:

Alterception ©

Altered Perception: Movie One

Renowned British chef Damon Green gets more than he bargained for. Whilst researching exotic ingredients in a remote Village, Oliver stumbles upon an plant extract when mixed with certain foods, induces what initially seem to be Hallucinations. Only affecting Oliver himself, different recipes create an altered perception of reality mostly with mild effects, that is until….

The first movie follows Damon Green’s decent into near madness and struggle to come to grips with his new found perception of reality.

Dark, deep, humorous and sometimes frightening, Altercation explores existence from a new perspective.


The Scene where there are strands of membranes descending from space was damn horrific.

You will believe a man can see the future and God Himself!

F*&k Me, if there are really Aliens doing that I wan’t to die now!!

Been working on this idea for a while now, in regards to style it is more similar to the British TV show Life on Mars with some of the grittiness apparent in the excellent Children of Men movie.

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