Aspartame: Good Riddance to a pointless product

Finally after it seems like years, the chemical compound known as Aspartame is finally losing the battle to natural alternatives such as Stevia.  Unlike Aspartame no one company owns the use of Stevia as a sweetener but can create their own products based on the plant.  We have already seen it infiltrate the Supermarkets in recent years and now everything that was Aspartame sweetened is now becoming Stevia Sweetened.

About time!

Stevia is a great alternative, especially for diabetics and human use pre-dates Aspartame by a few centuries. It also has a negligible effect on blood glucose and even enhances glucose tolerance amongst other benefits.

My stance on Aspartame has always been this; what benefit does artificial sugar have over Sugar? None. Would I give it to my kids? No. Does Infant food have Aspartame in it? No. In marketing terms artificial sugar is fantastic, that’s the only benefit and its a corporate one.

Currently the thing that really annoys me the most is the barrage of blatant Aspartame promotion found across the internet. There appears to be a massive Black Hat marketing campaign highlighting just how safe Aspartame is and how great it is for our kids, Diabetics and those needing to lose weight.  An incredible amount of dollars can be made on promoting key words like “Sugar Free” on a product, and now that Aspartame faces massive competition in this area, expect more marketing aimed at blogs and forums.

Regardless of the controversy surrounding Aspartame, at the end of the day it is a pointless product.  These sort of marketing antics are common at the end of a products lifespan. At the end of the day, the discussion regarding Aspartame being good or bad for you is irrelevant; Aspartame is the inferior product in all respects.

Warning, this post and all posts In the Rant Mode category can be controversial, insane and completely ridiculous.  This is my personal view only.  Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

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