Asus Transformer Prime Australian Unboxing

Just took delivery of my Champaign Transformer Prime delivered all the way from B&H in the states and I must say I am mightily impressed.  When I first got the box from the UPS courier, I couldn’t believe how light it was – surely the contents were inside?

Ripping open the box revealed the tiny ASUS box and two bits of tube packing , all in good condition.

Once I Turned the Prime on and configured the Wireless network settings, it wanted to do a firmware update which took about 2 minutes and is probably the quickest booting Android device I have used.   The back of the Prime appears to be more Stainless steel at first glance, its only when it hits various light sources it gives off its subtle champaign gold tones – the camera picks up quite nicely as you can see in the pics below.  The transformer Prime is indeed a slick looking gadget.

On with the obligatory Geeky Unboxing Pics:

Transformer Prime Package has arrived!
Inside the Box
The Transformer Prime Box
Inside the Box 1
Inside the Box 2
Feature Sticker
Back Of the Champaign Transformer Prime
The Transformer Primes SD Card Slot.
30% Charge level out of the box.
Firmware Update!
Finally, Play Time.
Transformer Wifi vs HTC Desire

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