MSI OCAU RC Chopper Contest

Here are my entries for the Overclockers Australia MSI contest.

The contest asks to see some MSI products amusingly or cleverly inserted into iconic or famous pictures, or famous places, historic moments, scenes from movies, etc with the following high res pics:

Z68A-GD80; (more…)

Create a favicon in Photoshop

Works with Adobe Photoshop CS3 Mac and PC Platforms.

First you need this really useful plugin from It works fine with Photoshop CS3 for PC.

MD: Medical Domination TF2 Clan

MD ClanMedical Domination is a demonic TF2 gaming clan created from the ashes of some slaughtered evil demigod. The vile nature of such a clan seperates them from the other mere mortals in the clanscape, producing a fine legion of gamers. Back to reality, its a great clan to be with, click the image for the real info!