WordPress Empty spam button redirects to homepage

Hopefully this helps someone as it was driving me insane for the last few weeks.  Every time I clicked the Empty Spam button via WordPress comments it would just redirect me to my website root.  Server Error logs, wp_debug produced nothing - no errors or issues of any kind. The WP Super cache emptying Cache shortcut would also produce the same result.

Damn you Empty Spam button!

After comparing My WHM powered server with another one the difference appeared to be with Mod_security and the ruleset used.  The Hit List log didn't tell me a great deal and deciphering a potential problematic ruleset started becoming tedious - lets just get rid of it.

After disabling OWASP and replacing it with Comodo the problem magically went away.  You can find the details how to add this ruleset right here which should take the best part of 10 seconds: Comodo ModSecurity Ruleset WHM/CPANEL.

Thunderbird not importing Outlook Fix

Not sure why this hasn't been fixed by mozilla yet but the latest versions of Thunderbird will not import from Microsoft Outlook at all.

To do this you need to install version 31.8.0 which can be found right here: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/thunderbird/releases/31.8.0/win32/en-US/

After you have imported you can update to the latest version without issue.

Australian Bookkeeping Project: Books OnSite

Booksonsite is a relatively new project I was working on a few months ago which required taking a proprietary closed source html based website and converting it to something a bit more user friendly.

Converting websites to be mobile friendly is still one of my biggest requests with around 80% of web development time dedicated towards it.

Web Features:

Mobile Friendly: Books OnSite is now completely responsive and mobile ready.  This means that regardless what device you are browsing with, Books Onsite will look great at all resolutions.

Simplified:  The whole design has been re-worked in order to provide visitors with a slicker, unified and easy to navigate interface.

Development Features:

When a business provides services to multiple localities, having an option like Local SEO is a real timesaver rather than having yourself or a client do things manually.  In regards to Books Onsite, all serviceable locations are given their own url via a Locations Custom Postype i.e Sydney Bookkeeping, Melbourne Bookkeeping or even Regional Bookkeeping. Each location can then be given separate business hours, phone numbers, staff members and map data all output in google friendly Schema.org format.

WordPress: Redirect to Taxonomy

In rare situations, removing the WordPress single page format (single.php) and redirection to a parent such as a taxonomy can have massive advantages, especially if you have continuously expiring content.  This is a solution I came up specifically for use with The Couponic.

Coupons are their own post type (coupons_type) and this code redirects them to a Store based Taxonomy

This quick solution which can be added to your themes functions.php file:

add_action( 'template_redirect', 'redirect_single_coupon' );
function redirect_single_coupon()
is_singular( 'coupons_type' )
and wp_redirect( '../',301 )
and exit;


Couponic Australia: Updated

Out with the old, in with the new.  Couponice.com.au is no more - instead we have re-branded to The Couponic by simply removing the e.

This update has been a long time coming so and here it is:

Couponic: Australian Promo Codes.

The Couponic still offers the same coupon only goodness you have come to expect albeit now with more responsiveness.

Web Features:

Mobile Friendly: The Couponic is now completely responsive and mobile ready.  This means that regardless what device you are browsing with, the Couponic will look great at all resolutions.

Simplified:  The whole design has been re-worked in order to provide visitors  with a slicker, unified and easy to navigate interface.

Community Centric: Couponic is completely human powered and is supported by its members.  The rating system is currently in development mode but should it definitely should help rank our codes more gracefully.

Store Representatives: In order to make the distinction between Community and Store Representatives, Merchants and Shops can now also submit their own coupons for a small fee, hopefully this helps the massive amount of irrelevant submissions we were getting without excluding actual Aussie shops.

Flash Coupon Click to Copy:  Flash is no longer supported on Android Tablets and mobile devices and has never been supported on any Apple IOS device.  Time to say goodbye to Adobe/Macromedia Flash.  In its place, A coupon window will pop up with the code displayed for easy reference.

Development Features:

The Couponic is built on the Responsive Coupon Framework by Mark Fail of Premiumpress fame albeit with some major edits.  I completely customised the gallerypage in order to create a solution for expired and deleted posts.  WordPress Taxonomy has been customised to prevent thin content and extend the user interface.

When WordPress finally decides to extend Taxonomy Meta to match the likes of Drupal, this will make life much easier creating websites like this.


Pre-Order Australia: A new project

I have recently been toying around with a little project of mine called Pre-Order Australia which is now live: Pre Order AU


I have always loved new stuff and considering I live and breath gadgets and tech, creating a website based on this rather expensive hobby seemed like a great idea if not something to make it even more expensive.

As far as I can see, Pre-Order.com.au is the only focused website of its kind in Australia.   It has been created to be Community centric with the ability for anyone to submit a pre-order deal or offer just for Aussie users.


Remove Pagination from Appthemes Clipper

This one was doing my head in for a while.  I wanted to remove the coupon pagination from the WordPress theme Clipper and most of the suggestions via their forum involved commenting out the pagination function or creating a separate index loop. Crazy stuff, creating separate index files is an exercise in disaster and commenting out the code in general will remove pagination site wide; something I definitely did not want.

With wordpress, there is always a function for that and this issue is no exception.  How to Remove Pagination the easy way using the WordPress remove_action filter:

<?php remove_action( 'appthemes_after_endwhile', 'clpr_coupon_pagination'); ?>

Simply put this in your index file or any template you do not require coupon pagination.

Couponice: Aussie Coupon Website Update

This is probably more of an experiment but one of my Aussie sites, CouponIce has just undergone the latest update with some major changes.

The reason?  To simplify absolutely everything and make it easier for the visitor.

First and foremost, single coupon pages have gone, that's right - removed completely. They provide the visitor with no real value especially if it was an expired coupon referred by Google and as a plus, this should also make Googs happy too.

What has changed:

* Coupons are now only listed under their parent Stores. See http://www.couponice.com.au/store/green-man-gaming/ as an example

* All coupons are sortable between active and unreliable.

* Extra coupon information normally found via the single.php is now available as a simple drop down (no need for a single page for each coupon anymore)

* Comments have been enabled for every store page using Disqus. Log in via a social network and you are done.

There are a few resident bugs, mostly due to the current 301 redirection to a coupons store page for every single coupon listing, but for now it appears to be working. Permalink conflicts appear to cause a loop so I have spent a heap of time cleaning out garbage like tags.

There are also a couple of design bugs, but nothing major, the next step is finishing a responsive theme for this site. This theme will be then used as a template for my other sites in the future.

Australian Coupon Sites

It appears the recent influx of Australian coupon sites has unfortunately taken the US route of creating generic link directories of deals rather than showcasing actual real coupons, being a webmaster I can understand the sentiment that most users are just looking for a specific discount, if the coupon is a link or an actual code, this is irrelevant, as long as your site is easy to navigate it should not matter.  I have to disagree.

Offering a potential customer a unique code has massive advantages over the typical bargain link, not only can they use the code on whatever they would like, they are more inclined to buy more from your store.  Visit one of the big coupon sites in Australia and then compare it to a coupon only website - not many real coupons on offer are there.  From experience and statistics I can tell you for a fact legit coupon codes generate 4 times the sales compared to generic links.

Australia is currently enjoying a surge of online buying and and the value of internet shopping for Aussie consumers and business's is about to eclipse traditional retail growth.  I think we need to maintain quality coupon advertising and not bombard users with links passing off as real coupon or voucher codes - especially if it is a coupon dedicated website.

If you wanted an example of what I mean, do a search for Dell coupons in Australia, you will probably find pages of Dell coupon listings with only some of them being actual codes you can use.  Now look at a site that just displays Dell Discount codes, see the difference?

I admit I may be completely off track with this argument, though I did initially create CouponIce due to never actually finding real codes I could use at my favourite online shops.

Maybe a Poll should help settle the score? http://poll.fm/3l6nv


Binary Gamer

Binary Gamer is an original online game database where you can find, compare and review digitally distributed games all from the one website.  It makes buying PC games online easy, especially when you are looking for a specific game with Steamworks functionality.

Binary Gamer Home.

During the Beta Stage, Binary Gamer are adding more digital games networks to their database in order to offer greater search results and become the ultimate online content distribution directory.