Couponice: Aussie Coupon Website Update

This is probably more of an experiment but one of my Aussie sites, CouponIce has just undergone the latest update with some major changes.

The reason?  To simplify absolutely everything and make it easier for the visitor.

First and foremost, single coupon pages have gone, that’s right – removed completely. They provide the visitor with no real value especially if it was an expired coupon referred by Google and as a plus, this should also make Googs happy too.

What has changed:

* Coupons are now only listed under their parent Stores. See as an example

* All coupons are sortable between active and unreliable.

* Extra coupon information normally found via the single.php is now available as a simple drop down (no need for a single page for each coupon anymore)

* Comments have been enabled for every store page using Disqus. Log in via a social network and you are done.

There are a few resident bugs, mostly due to the current 301 redirection to a coupons store page for every single coupon listing, but for now it appears to be working. Permalink conflicts appear to cause a loop so I have spent a heap of time cleaning out garbage like tags.

There are also a couple of design bugs, but nothing major, the next step is finishing a responsive theme for this site. This theme will be then used as a template for my other sites in the future.

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