Dragon Age Origins: Australian Pre-Order

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Bioware are certainly on a massive roll, continuing to create some of the finest single player Western RPG’s ever created.  With a incredibly impressive library including Mass Effect, Star Wars KTOR, Neverwinter Knights, Balders Gate and Jade Empire, you know what sort of quality to expect from every Bioware release.  Dragon Age looks to be another huge multiplatform extravaganza.

Dragon Age: Origins is built apon a new game engine named Eclipse and like all modern game engines a toolset for creation of fan-made content will be included.

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is a dark heroic fantasy set in a unique world. As the spiritual successor of BioWare’s popular Baldur’s Gate series of games, it uses a pause-and-play tactical combat system. Play in over-the-shoulder mode, or the more tactical top-down view. Dragon Age: Origins features a stunning amount of cinematic dialog.  Players will be able to acquire unique party members. These party members will have their own motivations for accompanying the player.

Check out the Official Dragon Age: Orgins site.

The cheapest place to pre-order Dragon Age origins Collectors again appears to be Fishpond and according to Whirlpool the coupon code READER gets you $10 Off making it just $70 Australian.

Dragon Age Origins Collectors Edition [PS3]Dragon Age Origins Collectors Edition [360]Dragon Age Origins Collectors Edition [PC]

CD WOW Australia also have the PC version for just $49.35 with free Delivery also.

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