Get a Mac campaign

Apple have made it a fine art marketing style over substance. Its a concept born from creating mediocrity and hiding it with fancy window dressing.

Apples latest round of adds prove (only to themselves), theres no better way of hyping a product than with constant bashing of your competitors products.

Get A Mac Campaign

Selling and promoting products in this way doesn’t work in all markets, and the mean spirited nature of the commercials helps alienate a significant portion of their potential customers.

The adds are also insulting to the intelligence of people who know better, the topic of each add fails to provide any evidence why you should “Get a Mac” other than a repetitive smug and evil overtones.

The trolling and fanboyism that you can find on the likes of DIGG and various forums is a direct result of these marketing efforts and pretty much a reflection of the Apple brand in general. You cant have a conversation with a Mac enthusiast without constant Apple marketing slogans being thrown at you.

Apple, its time for a change – GROW UP.

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