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If you spend more time trying to get your computer to work and less time doing what you want, it’s time to get a Mac. Because Apple makes both the software and the hardware, they control the cost and and limit your freedom based on their own perspective, just like all Apple branded products should. That’s why people who get a Mac love a Mac, become a Mac.

Why you’ll love a Mac

It’s gorgeous. Inside and out.

Since the software on every Mac is created by the same company that makes the Mac itself, you get a completely integrated computer. Sure the OS contains massive amounts of code from various opensource projects, but alas, this is irrelevent. We claim anything remotely cool our own. Limiting you choice of hardware is just the beginning.

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What’s inside a Mac? Only the world’s most advanced operating system and a suite of software that’s just as brilliantly designed as the computer itself. It’s like mating Unix with an episode of Desperate Houswives.

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…and beauty.

Recyclable glass and aluminum. A trip-proof power cord. A stunning display. Even the keyboard is beautiful. Don’t even think about uniquness, zombiefication of Mac users is something we strive for. Get a closer look at a few of the design details that make a Mac a Mac. We won’t mention the mouse, even we know it sux.

It does what a PC does, only slower.

A Mac has all the essentials built right in, including the latest wireless technology, advanced Intel chips, and a rock solid operating system that’s loaded with Apple innovations that limit your ability to do anything beyond what we tell you to do.

Born ready.

Unlike other computers that require you to spend hours configuring devices, a Mac connects to your digital camera, wireless device, or external drive and just works. Just make sure it has an Apple logo on the box.

802.11n icon

Instantly wireless.

A Mac makes wireless easy. Networks automatically appear, and you can get on the Internet with a few clicks. Its magic. Just don’t ring us when it doesn’t work without your credit card handy.

intel Core2Duo

High performance.

With the latest Intel processors and other engineering leaps, a new Mac does all the things that only a Mac can do — at an astonishing speed. PC’s don’t use Intel processors and cannot be overclocked – believe us.


A conversation piece.

Lots of computers come with built-in cameras these days. But only a Mac comes with iChat software that lets you have four-way video chats,1 give presentations, and even share your screen with people all over the world. Yes we claim VNC as our own and PC’s definately cant do any of this.

OS X Updater

Always up to date.

A Mac regularly checks for updates to Mac OS X and any included Apple software and automatically downloads them. So really, a Mac gets better with age. Just don’t upgrade Adobe version Cue without an OSX and Adobe CS3 Disc handy.

Safe for you and your kids.

Designed with security in mind, Mac OS X isn’t plagued by constant attacks from viruses and malware. Likewise, it isn’t inundated by never-ending security dialogs. So you can safely go about your work — or play — without interruption. And easy-to-use parental controls let you manage what your kids can do on the computer and when they can do it. Insert an administrator password to continue reading:

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