Helping Dad unpack the shopping

The boys and I just got back from doing the weekly shopping and both of them were having a Great time helping dad put the shopping away by inspecting all the cool stuff they would like to eat before dinner.  I had almost finished filling the pantry and realised I had not seen or heard Jackson for a few minutes.

I ask Ethan “Where is your Brother?” and he disappears for a while on a reconascence mission before yelling¬† “Daddy!!! He’s EATING THEM!

I went into the Lounge room to find:

Yummy Mushrooms

1 thought on “Helping Dad unpack the shopping

  1. Hey House dad. I am a house dad as well, have been looking after our three children for the last four years after my wife took on a more executive job which meant lots of travel so I gave up my position as well. Though I did try and keep it , the family just couldn’t cope with the pressure .

    So it has been four years for me now, my youngest is in Pre Primary now, ( turns five in a few days time ) , our middle child is 8 and our eldest is 10 now. It is definitely getting easier now. They are all in school now and my wife is still climbing that corporate ladder, and doing well as I am able to give her that support required. It works, I don’t always like it, and other times I realise how lucky I am but to be completely honest I am happy, the kids and I have the type of relationship I wished I had with my father. Good luck on your endeavours, the challenges and most of all make sure you connect with people as much as possible, go out with friends, play poker, have a scotch with the boys, etc.. what ever chills your brain. All the best and good luck. I even play tennis with the girls on a friday… so much fun.

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