Lost Musings, Are Jacob and MIB the Jinn?

A possible Lost inspiration and platform for story development is the Journal titled “The Jinn of the Time Machine: Non-trivial Self-Consistent Solutions” by Russian physicists Igor Novikov and Andrei concerning and hypothesising about various theoretical issues in time travel.

The jinn essentially move in a circular timespace which at some point make them appear to move against the second law of thermodynamics. As they move forward in time they self-organize and instead of gaining entropy, they lose entropy.

The Genie references throughout the series of Lost still lead me to thinking Jacob, MiB and others are part of the Jinn, a race higher evolved than humans though under the concept of Angelic life as made popular in various religions.  In other words they are Genies.

Some interesting Lost centricpoints on the Genie theory:

  • Jinn are beings much like humans, possessing the ability to be good and bad. They have the power to transform into other animals and humans, and they are known to prefer the form of a snake.
  • In Islam-associated mythology, the jinn were said to be controllable by magically binding them to objects, as Suleiman (Solomon) most famously did; the Spirit of the Lamp in the story of Aladdin was such a jinni, bound to an oil lamp.
  • The Jinn will only grant “A wish” in turn for a specific favor – Looking at you Jacob….
  • Evil beings from among the jinn are roughly equivalent to the demons of Christian lore. In mythology, Jinn have the ability to possess human beings, both in the sense that they persuade humans to perform actions, and like the Christian perception of demonic possession.
  • It is said that by taking seven hairs out of the tail of a cat that was all black except for a white spot on the end of its tail, and then burning the hairs in a small closed room with the possessed—filling their nose with the scent—this would release them from the spell of the jinn inside them.
  • Desmond is reading this book by British Indian writer Salman Rushdie. “It is a phantasmagorical story set in a city so old and ruinous that it has forgotten its name”. It is an allegorical story about a 10 year old boy in an imaginary world called “Kahani” and his father is the story teller. After his mother leaves his father, the father is unable to tell stories anymore. There is a water genie who controls the Ocean of the Stream of Stories. Haroun is the Arabic for Aaron….
  • Death to the Jinn is merely an obstacle (that can be over come) hence their indifference to it.

Human religions consider the Jinn to be Demonic yet the Jinn are merely 1 level more advanced than humans on the evolutionary scale of capability. The Jinn may seem devoid of emotion yet it is this factor that allows them to keep the real evil at bay.  Emotion based on life and death and emotive perception based on the concept of existence are very different when digested by human beings. Death to the Jinn could be considered as an altered state of being – Is Lost this advanced in this sort of storytelling?

The alternate reality may be the only reality and island events have created an event horizon whereby the island is stuck in a quantum parallax and the only way to fix it is by bringing both versions together.

If the Island is the focus and the core of the whole Lost premise, and control over the very concept of relative time is produced on the island, this would suggest that multiple possible realities have been envisioned though not yet been implemented – keeping current with the producers saying that the alternate reality is not an alternate reality but more a perceived existence. (inserted cool sounding scifi names)

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