Madison 4 Lock Up Stage: Getting Close

Not long to go now, just over a month until we can move in – Hopefully!

The only negative issue at this stage is with the Builders Planbuild constructing next door who decided to put up a fence without checking with us first.  It altered our plans a little bit though its workable.  Fencing seems to be a common issue with house and land packages after reading various threads on the homeone forums.  We just got a quote for a fence ourselves which needs to adhere to Pool regulations which this fence probably does not – we will find out when they do their last inspection.

Hopefully we can just alter the fence they have put in without to many issues.

Madison 4: Under the Stairs.
Madison 4: Under the Stairs.

This is the space under the Stairs which I think by default is blocked in and turned into a cupboard.  We left this space open and put a door right in this location in order to utilise the space.  It doesn’t look like much in this photo but there is a heap of useful storage space here.  When I get the time I’ll put some shelving in.

Madison 4: Living Area
Madison 4: Living Area

The window directly facing you in this pic is not included in the Madison 4 by default.  Putting it in definitely opens up the living room plus it will also be overlooking our pool.

Madison 4 theatre room Window.
Madison 4 theatre room Window.

Instead of the standard full size theatre room window, we put in a slimline one instead in order to make more use of a small area.  Prior to plastering, I got permission from our supervisor to run some wires for speakers in the walls all the way out to the alfresco.  I also ran a cat5 cable, HDMI cable plus a USB booster cable from the study for a bit of PC based home automation.  Because its now plastered in, it’s a good idea to take a heap of pics of the framework so you know where everything is.

Overall Plantation have been excellent in the quality of their workmanship, it may not be as quick as a Planbuild throw it up within a month concept, which to be honest, is probably not a great idea on an estate built on a heap of landfill.

4 thoughts on “Madison 4 Lock Up Stage: Getting Close

  1. Hi Aaron,

    How are you? Hope the house is coming along well. Just wondering with the electrical works – how much bang for your buck did you get with Plantation in terms of all your electrical requirements (if you do not mind me asking as my sales consultant has put in a $4k electrical allowance for power outlet and lighting upgrades)?

    Were you able to get what you what as I am bit concerned as to how much that allowance will cover?


    • Sorry John just noticed your message.

      We allocated 5k but only spent around 3 so I think you should be right with that amount.

      We are going to fit our own downlights so they fit in standard baton lights in place which saved us a bit of money. We had a few extras like home networking also.

      • Hi Aaron,

        No worries, thanks for the response. So does that mean you are fitting your own downlights after plantation were finished (electrical consultant leaving the wires there for you to get someone in to install 3rd party)? With the home networking, do you mean wired CAT 5 to rooms, etc?

        The $3,000 you spent was that getting LED downlights throughout and with comfortable quantities and 2 DGPOs throughout?

        Hope all is well.

        • Yes we are fitting our own downlights, Plantation have set up provisional fittings with baton lights as placeholders which doesn’t cost anything extra.

          We ran Cat 5 to upstairs and between the media room and study. I also threw in some extra wiring for use at a later date before the plaster went in.

          You can get 20 downlight fittings for around $200, I haven’t bought them yet but they will be GU10 fittings for ease of use, most of these packs come with fluoro globes and can be swapped with a GU10 downlight without issue. A sparky may charge a few hundred to put them in though it doesn’t take long at all.

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