PS3 Portal 2 Steam PSN Fail

I pre-ordered Portal 2 a month ago from the UK and it finally arrived last Friday.

Unfortunately due to PSN being brought to its knees by insecurity I am unable to use the supplied PC code and activate it.  I had really no intention of playing it on the PS3 other than to check out steam on it and maybe let my son play it with me.

I bet valve is none too happy about the issue because as of now:

  • Steam is not working on the PS3.
  • Possible Steam Account information leaked for those that activated before PSN went belly up.
  • Valve previously praising the PS3 for being the definitive console version for 3 now having to eat their words.

Not much has been said (nothing really) about potential Steam account information being leaked but I guess now would be a good time to change your Steam password and to enable Steam Guard.

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