PS3 Slim: Best Australian Price Online

PlayStation 3 Slim - 120GB Console (PS3)Available right now via retail outlets all over Australia, the PS3 Slim is a hot piece of hardware.  At long last Sony have got the pricing almost perfect on their current generation console.

From the vast majority of stores, the 120gig version looks as if it will retail for around AU$500 – $470 but if you order via you can grab the all new PS3 Slim for just $424.95 Australian with free delivery.

The all-new slim 120GB PlayStation 3 comes packed with free PlayStation Network membership, built-in Wi-Fi and 120GB of hard disk drive storage for games, music, videos and photos.

PlayStation 3 Slim – 120GB [Console]

It is also a decent Blu-ray player…. something to mention to your wives and girlfriends when suggesting another gadget purchase!

PS3 Slim Console 250GB Tekken 6 Bundle [PS3 Console] If you are looking for a bundle, Fishpond also have a PS3 Slim Console 250GB Tekken 6 Bundle [PS3 Console] for $479.32.  More than doubling the size of the Hard Drive will be handy for future online content distribution coming methods Sony have been toying with.

Ebay is also another place to find some decent PS3 Slim deals:

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