Ritmo USB Webcam Drivers

Ritmo are another cheap webcam manufacturer who seem to make it hard for us to download simple drivers.

Ritmo have some of these drivers on their ftp site when it is working.  If not grab them here.  They are the latest ones I could find.  This one is for my mother, who like most people, need to install a driver from time to time after misplacing the install disc.  (3211 is yours Mum)

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15 thoughts on “Ritmo USB Webcam Drivers”

    • I have scanned all these files with Avast, definitely no virus found – you could be getting a false positive or already have the virus on your system.

  1. ive installed my ritmo cw-3216 and it wont work it says no video sonething found and it says may not have been installed proply ive un installed and reinstalled 8 times now can any 1 help me pls???

  2. I really need a driver for cw 4312 webcam and I found nothing under that name can someone please give me a site to find the driver for it.

    Thanks so much guys

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