Roof is finished

Well after a slow period things have picked up pace with the roof finally finished and the bricks delivered. Our new Supervisor is easy to communicate with though Plantation still refuse to reply to any emails or phone calls – could be the specific rep having issues, who knows?

The house next door is almost completely built though after talking to a builder, I am not sure doing all the bricking in a day is a good idea. I am possibly being a little envious of next doors build speed so I’ll just keep my mouth shut about that from now on 🙂

The Roof tiles are Bristile Mallee:

Bristile Mallee

6 thoughts on “Roof is finished

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering how your construction was coming along as we were planning to start a Madison 4 as well down in Brisbane?

  2. Construction is moving along great, just past lockup and painting should start next week.
    I can’t fault the quality of what they have done at all, in fact Plantation go over the top making sure everything is spot on.

    The tiler even called us so he could make suggestions / improvements to what we originally wanted.

    I’ll make a new post with pics today.

    • Aaron,

      How did you and your partner find the living room area? Was it quite small, just right or big enough? This is one of the items we are looking at is whether to extend it.

      • It is small though because the whole area is open with the kitchen, I don’t think it will be that much of an issue – Its one of the reasons we put a window there. I’ll mount a TV on the wall next to the stairs and probably put in two 2 seater sofas.

        I put up some pics of this area here to give you an idea: The first pic is the dining room mind you.

        I also made a new post with some pics:

        The house is smaller than Plantations awesome looking display homes though captures the same feel (for a much better price) Raising the roof on the ground floor I think was definitely worth doing.

        We are doing things like feature walls, concreting and landscaping separately – Significantly cheaper than what Plantation want for the same thing. Before I forget we also didn’t brick the Alfresco Piller – brings the cost down a little and gives you a little bit more room and light – I want to cover in the side of the house at a later stage so this will fit more with that idea.

        • Aaron,

          Thanks for your time and effort to help out. Yeh, understand that its not as display homes but is definitely bang for your buck.

          • No probs John, If it wasn’t at lock up stage I would have no dramas if you wanted to come up and have a look, it certainly helps with the visualisation aspect.

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