Split SQL into multiple parts

SQLDumpSplitter is a fantastic time saver – especially if you have shared hosting that imposes upload file size limits.

SQLDumpSplitter will allow you to automatically split your sql database at any size you choose that can then be imported with a tool like phpMyAdmin.  If your database was too big to import into phpmyadmin, it won’t be anymore.

You can also choose to skip Comment-Lines if required.

Grab the tool here.

Example after a SQL split:

These files are created with SQLDumpSplitter 2.
If you want to restore the dump, you have to execute the file xxxx_DataStructure.sql first because it contains the structure like Tables.
After that, you can execute the other .sql-files as they contain the data of the now existing tables.
SQLDumpSplitter 2 by Philip Lehmann-Böhm
Homepage: http://www.PhilipLB.de

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