Australian Coupon Sites

It appears the recent influx of Australian coupon sites has unfortunately taken the US route of creating generic link directories of deals rather than showcasing actual real coupons, being a webmaster I can understand the sentiment that most users are just looking for a specific discount, if the coupon is a link or an actual code, this is irrelevant, as long as your site is easy to navigate it should not matter.  I have to disagree.

Offering a potential customer a unique code has massive advantages over the typical bargain link, not only can they use the code on whatever they would like, they are more inclined to buy more from your store.  Visit one of the big coupon sites in Australia and then compare it to a coupon only website - not many real coupons on offer are there.  From experience and statistics I can tell you for a fact legit coupon codes generate 4 times the sales compared to generic links.

Australia is currently enjoying a surge of online buying and and the value of internet shopping for Aussie consumers and business's is about to eclipse traditional retail growth.  I think we need to maintain quality coupon advertising and not bombard users with links passing off as real coupon or voucher codes - especially if it is a coupon dedicated website.

If you wanted an example of what I mean, do a search for Dell coupons in Australia, you will probably find pages of Dell coupon listings with only some of them being actual codes you can use.  Now look at a site that just displays Dell Discount codes, see the difference?

I admit I may be completely off track with this argument, though I did initially create CouponIce due to never actually finding real codes I could use at my favourite online shops.

Maybe a Poll should help settle the score?