Australian Bookkeeping Project: Books OnSite

Booksonsite is a relatively new project I was working on a few months ago which required taking a proprietary closed source html based website and converting it to something a bit more user friendly.

Converting websites to be mobile friendly is still one of my biggest requests with around 80% of web development time dedicated towards it.

Web Features:

Mobile Friendly: Books OnSite is now completely responsive and mobile ready.  This means that regardless what device you are browsing with, Books Onsite will look great at all resolutions.

Simplified:  The whole design has been re-worked in order to provide visitors with a slicker, unified and easy to navigate interface.

Development Features:

When a business provides services to multiple localities, having an option like Local SEO is a real timesaver rather than having yourself or a client do things manually.  In regards to Books Onsite, all serviceable locations are given their own url via a Locations Custom Postype i.e Sydney Bookkeeping, Melbourne Bookkeeping or even Regional Bookkeeping. Each location can then be given separate business hours, phone numbers, staff members and map data all output in google friendly format.