2 Boys with colds = Tired Dad and MUM!

Have you ever noticed the day before your son or daughter gets a cold they act extremely happy and full of life?

Well it happens to me so often I know the next day they will most likely come down with a cold and today both my boys did!    It must be their immune systems going into overdrive.

Colds and kids - especially when it affects the younger ones like it did to Jax, can create a parental nightmare.  Not sleeping, tired and grumpy bubs certainly can get you worked up over the length of a day and but there is always a solution.

The thing that kept Jax awake all night was a severely blocked nose.  He would wake up crying every 10 minutes gasping for air as he couldn't breath through his nose.

My saving grace in this instance is a simple steam based vapouriser given to my wife by her Mum.  The thing works wonders for blocked noses although there seams to be no medical reason as to why they work.