Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director Commentary & Gameplay

How good is this game looking?  Deus Ex is probably my all time favourite game on any platform and it appears to be getting getting the sequel/Prequel it truly deserves:


There was always a certain complexity with Deus Ex which has been lacking in recent years,  No! I am not going to mention Invisible War or the farce that was Dragon Age 2 but with gaming mechanics in general,  Developers seem to think the mainstream audience wants every game to be a pick up and play mind numbing borefest and will go out of their way making sure every subsequent game gets increasingly more streamlined.

If I want games like these I'll just watch a Blu-Ray!  I want the satisfaction of an in depth game, I want to be frustrated and then be rewarded for being awesome, I don't want the entire arsenal of the US army in my backpack at my every whim, I would much prefer stabbing some guy in the back with his dinner fork in order to hack his security system than be presented with a massive RPG in order to blast my way through a map.

Maybe its just me...