Missing Drivers?

Can't find a driver for your PC?

You need to find a driver for your graphics card, webcam, sound card, motherboard and cant find it, not only can't you find it, but Google returns page after page of spammy sites offering the download but failing to provide a simple download link!

Maybe you have found a driver but the actual download does not work on your machine.

Can anyone Help me find this damn driver!

What can you do?

Luckily there is some excellent software available on the web and one of the best is Driver Robot

Instead of spending hours trying to tweak your computer with drivers you find at random sites on the Internet, use Driver Robot. Driver Robot updates all of your system drivers in just 2 minutes. With Driver Robot, you never need to worry about installing an incorrect or out-of-date driver - the Driver Robot scan and database ensures you always get the latest official driver.

Many people don't realize how important having the latest drivers is. Hardware manufacturers often release drivers that improve performance, enhance functionality, and generally make your PC faster on a regular basis - if you know where to find them, and which ones to get. Driver Robot does this automatically for you, so you know that your PC is always operating at 100% efficiency.

What does Driver Robot look like?



If you've tried to update your PC's drivers manually, you know how frustrating it can be. Each driver for your system comes from a different website; you need to make sure you're getting the right driver; you need to double-check compatibility with your system and Windows version. Now, there's a better way.  Try Driver Robot Today

If you need more help finding a specific driver, the website Driverblog may help.

Enable ITC Processing with ATI CCC?

ITC Processing

ITC Processing has been available on ATI graphics cards since Catalyst 9.2 though it can have a positive or negative impact depending on your display device.

Enabling ITC Processing for DTVs

How to enable this in the ATI Catalyst Control Center

Ritmo USB Webcam Drivers

Ritmo are another cheap webcam manufacturer who seem to make it hard for us to download simple drivers.

Ritmo have some of these drivers on their ftp site when it is working.  If not grab them here.  They are the latest ones I could find.  This one is for my mother, who like most people, need to install a driver from time to time after misplacing the install disc.  (3211 is yours Mum)

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