Final Fantasy XIII disappointment!

After playing the Western RPG masterpiece, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy XIII is an absolute bore fest in comparison.  I just purchased the Collectors Edition of FFXIII on the PS3 and have never been more dissatisfied with a game than this.

Linear progression, bash on X during a fight scene, watch next movie and so on.  I am a big fan of past Final Fantasy games and this game is the easiest of the lot.  The story is similar to Final Fantasy 6 without any epicness about it and its very badly voice acted.  I also want to cut Snows tuft of hair - It is god damn annoying.  To be honest I wouldn't even classify FFXIII as a RPG as it plays more like an interactive movie.

There is not even an illusion of exploration. An open ended storyline based on your actions is what an RPG is all about and this game fails at being an RPG completely, anyway first impressions:

Hopefully it gets better though I am not sure I am prepared to wait 20 hours for some decent gameplay to be had. I think the death of the JRPG isn't as exaggerated as first thought, especially compared to Western RPG's and anything Bioware now produce.

Here is some gameplay I recorded:


This is what you can expect for the first few hours,  and yes I'll update my impressions on the game upon completion.


I have finally finished the game after a bit of a break using Light, Sazh and Vanille pretty much exclusively, got the 5 star trophy thing for killing Orphan in 2 minutes too, not too shabby.
I am not sure if I may play a bit longer to explore a bit more just wasn't impressed overall with the main feel of the game, I just found it way too simplistic.

Every Fight I would enter with Rav/Syn/Sab Buff and weaken the enemy then let fly with Rav/Rav/Rav , Stagger then Finish with Com/Com/Rav. This worked for every enemy in the game, including Orphan it seemed pointless trying anyone else.

Never bought anything at a shop and only upgraded weapons right before the last fight. Probably missing some trophies for doing so, but Oh well.
I still stand by my original score of 4/10 after finishing the game.