Smokers to pay $20 for a pack of cigarettes

You have to give it to the Australian Government and its lopsided Health priorities and Freedom restrictions.  It appears to be all part of a dodgy stimulus plan to replenish the Governments coffers with complete disregard for the actual health of its people.
According to this article:
CIGS could cost more than $20 for a packet of 30 and come in plain wrapping if radical proposals now under consideration by the federal government are accepted.

The government is considering a cigarette tax hike and a ban on all remaining tobacco advertising and sponsorship in response to its yet-to-be-released Preventative Health Taskforce report.

What the hell is the Preventative Health Taskforce and what are their priorities?

It seems targeting smokers is a sure fire way to bring in the dollars under the guise of better health.  Most smokers are of working age and earn enough to pay the excess tax and can put up with various price hikes.

Anti-smoking organisations such as the Public Health Association, the Cancer Council and the National Heart Foundation have backed the plan but fail to target the more fundamental issues present.  What about the hundreds of proven dangerous additives available in our food today - this is a simple example of dodgy $$ fuelled prioritising.

Artificial colours and flavours are allowed in my kids food in Australia - stuff that has been banned in the UK due to known health issues.

The government needs to get its priorities right and stop treating Australians like idiots.