Hypernia and IINET partnership Australia

The Hypernia and iinet partnership is fantastic for Aussie gamers who have been accustomed to substandard service in our country when it comes to simple gaming services:

July 8, 2009---Miami, FL--- Hypernia Hosting Corp®, the global leader in online game hosting, announced today its partnership with iiNet, Australia’s third largest ISP, providing Australian gamers with local access to some of the world’s top online games.

This exclusive Australian partnership brings with it major titles including the free-to-play Quake Live (a new browser-based First Person Shooter game from id Software), as well as titles from LucasArts including the popular PSP game Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron and Novalogic’s Delta Force: Xtreme 2, with the promise of more to come.

James Vallord-Costa, Hypernia’s CEO states, “Hypernia is the global market leader in the game hosting arena and together, with iiNet’s impressive network technology and local resources, we are extending our reach into Australia’s previously untapped market by bringing affordable hosting solutions to the game publishers around the world who are interested in the Australian market. By partnering, we’ve been able to significantly lower the cost of bandwidth and managed services down to a level that supports the gaming usage model, on par with our prices offered in North America and Europe.”

By providing brand new gaming networks in both Perth and Sydney, with access to over 70 of the world’s top online games, Hypernia and iiNet are able to give Australian gamers the choice of hosting location, ensuring a higher quality service with improved latency and game-play.
Also, as a bonus, all iiNet subscribers will receive complete unmetered service to all games hosted by Hypernia as well as improvements in latency, lowering ping times from 140-200 ms down to 20 ms which is near LAN quality.

“Our gaming network with Hypernia is growing exponentially in size and popularity as it provides gamers with unmetered fast access to top gaming content in Australia from top publishers like EA and Activision,” says Greg Bader, iiNet’s Chief Technology Officer.

“Hypernia’s existing relationships with major game publishers and developers bring with them future opportunities for big MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games via our networks. Until Hypernia and iiNet partnered, the closest game companies could host to Australia was in Singapore due to high costs. With localized content, it is now as affordable as it is in North America, opening the door to more games and better online experiences for Australians.” says Mr. Bader.

Australian Game Servers

For a full list of some of the best Australian Game server hosts in Australia, check out Gameserved.

I have been looking at the US game providers intently in the last few months and whilst a couple have made it to our waters, it is currently only Hypernia that have managed to infiltrate our market.  With incredible Features, Pricing and performance, they have given our few Aussie competitors something to think about.

I can fully recommend Hypernia in a big way, there is nothing like this in Australia:

A 10 slot, 66tick Source (steam) server comes in at around A$30 a month with free 20 slot Teamspeak or Ventrillo server along with it.  In line with US pricing with slots around A$2.40 to A$3.00 a month for most games.

I grabbed a HL2DM server which you can find the setup details here: OzSource :: Resurrection

Great latency and professional service, their dedicated Server packages offer great value also.

If anyone wants to share one of their dedicated servers for a gaming community let me know by contacting me here or on Binary Gamer.

Updated 2/12/08 to reflect changes with the Aussie dollar.