Steam Vs Console thoughts.

As an Owner of a Gaming Specced PC, A RROD 360 I fixed off Ebay, A PS3 Slim, A Wii and a DS Lite the thing that sticks out the most noticeably for me in the gaming realm is Steam and Valve's philosophy in general, and not just because of the Digital Delivery concept. A few points to make:

Steam is becoming platform indifferent.

We currently have Mac and PC clients and there is talk about an upcoming Linux client – there is your PC console in a small box. I have my lower specced Windows based HTPC running Steam and it works nicely as a TV gaming machine.

Valve has created games where piracy of said game is pointless – TF2 anyone?

Constant updates, community derived input and additions have created possibly the most successful single evolving game. TF2 as it stands is nothing like it was on release and pirating it is pointless.

Steam embraces the indie and modding community.

Probably the biggest reason why PC gaming will and never should die. Highlighting gaming brilliance and bridging the gap between the gamer and developer. Counterstrike Source was a mod after all and in the console realm this would never be possible.

Steam games are also cheaper than any console. (Bar Activision localisation)