Muse Rod Laver Arena 14/12/2010

Muse at Rod Laver Arena 14/12/2010.  Sorry about the singing but it was an excellent gig - easy to get carried away.

Some Highlights:





Muse 2010-12-14_2

Muse: The Resistance and V (Visitors)

I have just recently purchased the new Muse album: The Resistance and have been memorised by it ever since.  The album for me, is a masterpiece and lead singer Matthew Bellamy is a god damn genius.  The ability to transcend genres and make a truly exciting piece of musical art is a rare feat these days - especially in a market saturated with synthetic pop idols and a limited and controlling media landscape.

Why mention V?

The flow or order of the album seems to be an alternative take on Revelation, be it the end of days, Armageddon or what ever you want to call it.  It appears to be a fragmented idea on existence, one that deals with love, aliens, death and DNA.

The parallels it has with the old (soon to be new again) TV series "V" which also had parallels with the Nazi Holocaust is uncanny. I re-watched the Mini series not too long ago so the Story is still relatively fresh in my mind.

Looking at the official Muse wiki on the album: quite a few songs draw from George Orwells Nineteen Eighty-Four which was indeed an original V influence.

Unnatural Selection: suggests:

"that the song might address the idea of the British royal family being descendants of giant lizards, as proposed by David Icke among others"

Lizards.....Its the damn V soundtrack!


"The song tells the story of humanity leaving a destructive Earth behind to populate elsewhere in the Universe." and "life is seeded across the universe from other sources, for example, arriving to Earth on comets, hence "cross pollination""

Anyway, this is just my take on the album, and as music is about as subjective a topic as you can get, don't blame me if I am completely off.