Wii U thoughts

I have been watching all the media releases for the Wii U with great interest ever since it was brought to public attention before last years E3.   The Wii U has promised to put the core back into Nintendo with promises of great 3rd party support, games catering to gaming enthusiasts, and promising a significantly more powerful console.The Black Wii U

This weeks launch unfortunately highlighted various issues and they are all massive deal breakers.  Due to the state of the system and its capability, I have decided against buying it.  I have always been a bit of a Ninty fan but to say its an underwhelming release is an understatement.

My suggestions for Nintendo:

You may say graphics dont make the game, whilst true in some respects, it definitely makes a good game better and is infinitely more immersive.

Personally I hope closed systems like the current consoles are coming to an end in favor of more open hardware like the Ouya.  Maybe this sort of change will cause Nintendo to re-evaluate its perception of the market and bring the company back.  Doubtful though, the evidence is already there that the market is changing, the popularity of Mobile devices and the Steam led resurgence of the PC platform is evidence enough.

Ignorance is not bliss when you are trying to make money and I fear Nintendo has failed with its latest release.

Nintendo Wii price Drops for Australia

 Nintendo Wii Console+ Wii SportThe Wii console buying craze appears to be diminishing so in an effort to boost some sales, Nintendo has dropped the price on this incredibly popular console by $100.  The best price I have found for a really Cheap Nintendo Wii in Australia is for $269.95 available online from Fishpond and also comes with Wii Sports and all the accessories you need.  I  would highly recommend getting some component cables and upping the resolution to 480p as the supplied composite ones don't look great on a HD TV.

My Top 5 Wii games you must play