Origin Custom PC's now in Australia

The extreme custom built PC specialists known as Origin PC are now available in Australia.  Backed by the praise of one of the worlds most successful and professional gamers in FATAL1TY, Origin PC offers you the chance to build the ultimate personalised gaming and media Rig - Right online and without the need of a screw driver.

Unlike other vendors who offer built and online self configured PCs, Origin allow any buyer, regardless of knowledge, to delve into the traditional hardcore realm of the Overclocker and enthusiast PC builder allowing options such as Airbrushing, Liquid cooling and some funky case designs - Eat your heart out Apple.

Pricing on these custom beasts may be more than say your typical Dells and HP PC's, but the power and flexibility you will be playing with is significantly higher.  Being a PC enthusiast myself, the ability to overclock and customise my PC systems has gone a long way to enhance my digital lifestyle.  It's not just about impressing friends as things like overclocking and upgrading can also extend your PC's life beyond that of the typical retail computer.

Origin PC Australia

Any company can build a PC, but few can build a custom gaming PC worthy of playing the latest games. Many claim to offer gaming PCs, but they don't deliver a complete gaming experience.  A real gaming PC must be focused on Customization, Service, Gaming, and Technology. This is ORIGIN's specialty.

For a PC to be deemed ORIGIN certified it must have: