RocketTheme Drupal Theme Club launched

The most powerful Open Source PHP CMS now has themes available from the best designers in the business, RocketTheme. In the past Drupal has always suffered from a limited choice of paid themes and those that were available were never in the same class as what you could find available for Joomla and WordPress.

As a starting point for creating your own unique website, Rockettheme has always been a fantastic starting point, not just for their unique template features but also for the extensive documentation and the massive power of the forum community.  If you have a problem, the forum will likely solve it almost immediately.

Our Drupal themes are based on existing Joomla templates providing you with the ability to create a stunningly unique site design to enable you to stand out from the crowd.

Check out RocketThemes new Drupal themes right here.

Drupal Theme Club features

Greatest Paid WordPress themes available

WordPress themes Updated June 2011

Searching or creating a wordpress theme to suit can be a long and tedious affair.  There are an abundance of free themes available and you could spend days finding one that you like.  Sure you can create a theme from scratch or use a free one as a starting basis, but this takes time - and time is valuable.

Why not buy a premium theme?

In my journey into the wordpress world of online blogging and publishing, I have come across some sensational wordpress templates.  Some like the one this site is using, can turn a simple blogging platform into a fully dynamic cms.  Check out some of these paid wordpress templates or simply go to Pressed Themes for all the best themes in the one place.


Elegant WordPress themes have some rather spiffy looking designs covering almost everything you could want out of a blog.  My wife uses the Elegant Bluemist theme which you can see here: HeVShe

Simplicity, professionalism and a dose modest elegance is what you will find at Elegant WordPress themes and at a price of $19.95 per year for unlimited access, you can't go wrong.  In the past few months, Elegant has come a long way, integrating a fantastic theme admin panel.  Great Stuff.


WooThemes - Where there's a Woo, there's a way!

Woothemes sell wordpress themes separately or packaged with their themeclub and have on offer some truly impressive designs covering magazine type designs to marketing blogs.  A custom admin backend is also on offer along with custom write panels and some fascinating uses of wordpress.

Cutting edge WordPress templates


The newest and possibly the most advanced entry into WordPress theme designs are RocketTheme's WordPress Theme Club. This new club is based on the highly popular Joomla Template Club which now offers WordPress themes that can either be used along side an existing Joomla site or as for a stand-alone WordPress blog.

WordPress ThemesSome features:

The WordPress Theme Club starts at $50 for 2 domains and access to all their themes.  RocketThem also allow Developer solutions for small business or web developers who have the need to use many RocketTheme WordPress themes as a basis for their client production.


Some available RocketTheme WordPress themes:



These themes are unlike any other listed here as they can turn your generic wordpress install into a fully featured Shopping cart, directory script, coupon collection or even a real estate website.  Mixing the power of WordPress with the flexibility of the PremiumPress range of themes allows you to build a fully featured SEO friendly Ecommerce website in well under an hour.  Scripts that offer this sort of functionality can cost thousands of dollars yet these themes are well under $100.

What themes are available?

CouponPress is a professional coupon script for WordPress that turns any WordPress blog into a powerful coupon code or voucher code website with lots of coupon site features, in minutes!

RealtorPress is a premium Real Estate Script that will transform any WordPress blog into a powerful, SEO friendly, feature rich real estate website with lots of changeable real estate designs built in!

ShopperPress is a premium WordPress shopping cart theme and comes integrated with lots of professional shopping cart features, extra store designs and a ton of addons and extra plugins.

DirectoryPress is a clever directory script turns a WordPress blog into a powerful online directory website with lots of features, import tools and built in payment gateways allowing you to charge website visitors to submit their website to your directory.

Classifieds Theme is a powerful, secure, SEO friendly classifieds script for WordPress with lots of professional features and extra classified website designs.

AuctionPress is due for release next month and will transform any WordPress blog platform into a feature rich auction website with built in features such as member messaging,

Use the Coupon PREMIUMPRESS for a 20% discount on ShopperPress, CouponPress, DirectoryPress and the PrimiumPress Classifiedstheme.

Fantastic WordPress Themes from RocketTheme

A significant part of my decision to use Joomla in the past for some of my websites was due to the excellent assortment of themes available at RocketTheme. The monthly designs are excellent and make a perfect starting point to develop your own online identity.  The community at RocketTheme is also worth mentioning as they are the most helpful and knowledgeable group of designers and coders you could find on any site.  A great community.

The OpenSource CMS Joomla is not for everyone and not suitable for various types of websites, so it is extremely exciting to see Rockettheme and their fabulous themeing capability move into the WordPress theme arena.

RocketTheme's WordPress Theme Club is a new club based on the highly popular Joomla Template Club. It provides WordPress themes that can either be used along side an existing Joomla site or as for a stand-alone WordPress blog.

Some features:

The WordPress Theme Club starts at $50 for 2 domains and access to all their themes.  RocketThem also allow Developer solutions for small business or web developers who have the need to use many RocketTheme WordPress themes as a basis for their client production.

Available RocketTheme WordPress themes:

RocketTheme also have some of the best looking PhpBB3 themes available with their phpBB3 themeclub:

One Theme WordPress themes now half Price

One Theme are currently slashing 50% Off all their themes.

One Theme is Multiple designed for different WordPress blog genres, powered by a unique custom control panel plugin called One Panel.  It turns WordPress into a capable CMS and it is full of innovative features that push the boundaries of a default WordPress installation beyond the blog-standard.

Rockettheme WordPress Themes

Years ago when I first ventured into Open Source content management platforms like Joomla and Drupal, I came across the Rockettheme premium theme site.  Damn the designs were nice, and tailoring theme to suite your needs was just so easy.  An extremely helpful community made

I was never happy with the Joomla platform as a whole and such design ability seemed wasted being limited to the one open source CMS platform.

That is until now, WordPress is now coming to Rockettheme. From Andy Miller, founder of the Rockettheme Theme Club:

We have many thousands of happy customers but some of those customers don't just work with Joomla, they work with other platforms such as Drupal and WordPress. Rather than focusing on one solution, they deploy the platform that best suits the needs of their clients and customers.

These themes are actually running on WordPress:

Rockettheme WordPress Themes

Are WordPress themes GPL?

The world of Open Source software has always interested me in great detail and people charging for themes and various plugins for gpl based content management systems has never bothered me at all.  But is it legal to do so?

An interesting post has been made on the WordPress blog which doesn't ask the question whether themes are GPL but instead reiterates the fact that: Themes are GPL, too This is also the complete opposite to Joomla's stance on the very same issue.

There have been some questions in the community about whether the GPL applies to themes like we’ve always assumed. To help clarify this point, I reached out to the Software Freedom Law Center, the world’s preeminent experts on the GPL, which spent time with WordPress’s code, community, and provided us with an official legal opinion.

The response from  James Vasile of the Software Freedom Law Center:

In conclusion, the WordPress themes supplied contain elements that are derivative of WordPress’s copyrighted code. These themes, being collections of distinct works (images, CSS files, PHP files), need not be GPL-licensed as a whole. Rather, the PHP files are subject to the requirements of the GPL while the images and CSS are not. Third-party developers of such themes may apply restrictive copyrights to these elements if they wish.

Finally, we note that it might be possible to design a valid WordPress theme that avoids the factors that subject it to WordPress’s copyright, but such a theme would have to forgo almost all the WordPress functionality that makes the software useful.

James Vasile
Software Freedom Law Center

Personally, I think if you buy a theme for a GPL CMS, you are paying for someones artistic ability - and that should definately not be GPL'ed.  A theme requires GPL code in order to work with an Open Source CMS - thats just the way it is.  The official WordPress response seems to display the fact they do not want anyone making money from their product in the way they would like.  I am open to anyone who can explain why I should not think in this regard.

Brian Gardener, the creator of some spiffy wordpress themes with his studiopress collection has  intruiging perspectives on the topic:

PHP in WordPress themes must be GPL, artwork and CSS may be but are not required.

It seems that even before the posting of the response that Matt was given from the Software Freedom Law Center, other developers such as iThemes and WooThemes had already decided it was wise to move their licenses over to the GPL.

There you have it.

And as Matt puts it, WordPress has chosen to celebrate those who are developing GPL themes with a brand new Commercially Supported WordPress Theme page. Which, of course is a follow through to a promise that Matt made nearly a year ago.

This also clearly illustrates Matt’s view that people can (and will be endorsed if they do it with the GPL License) make money using WordPress.

Fair enough I suppose, though this does seem like a contradiction of the GPL licence as a whole - Remember the whole raging Joomla gpl extension debate?

Also check the Woothemes response.

4 for 1 WooThemes Special

WooThemes are probably one of the biggest premium theme makers available for the WordPress blogging platform with some of the slickest designs around.  No need for any coupon or promo code, the guys are offering 4 themes for one to celebrate the launch of WOO2 website redesign.

WooThemes - It costs a bit more than $5, but we're not going on holiday soon

We decided that we'd spoil all of the WooThemes fanboys and -girls again, with another amazing 4-for-1 promotion to celebrate the launch of WOO2. It's the same as before: buy any theme and get another 3 themes absolutely free of charge.

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