Frame goes up then work stops

After a week of absolutely pouring rain our house frame has been left standing like this for two weeks, its disappointing though not completely surprising.  We have had a great two weeks with decent weather but work on our house consisted of 1 day last week where they put up half the roof.

Early last week we found out that our Supervisor had quit which caused a few issues and now our new supervisor is blaming non existent rain and the fact they have 5 jobs currently on the go.  It looks like we have been regulated to last place.  Certain frame stage additions like air conditioning allowances have not been communicated to the new supervisor either which is worrying as has recent communication with Plantation homes.

Plantation are no longer returning phone calls or emails which is ironic considering the other half received a phone call from plantation homes customer service.  Yes! she let them have it but we are still waiting for a response – funny that.

Right up until commencement stage Plantation have been fantastic, unfortunately now, all those negative reviews on the internet are starting to ring true….

As a side note the house next door by Plan Build Homes started this Monday (11/3/13) and are already up to the same stage we are which is a bit infuriating to see.  They also appear to be dumping dirt from their scrape and adding it to our pile – no dramas as we could use the extra soil, it would have been nice to have been asked though.

Hopefully the next update is more positive.