PS3 Portal 2 Steam PSN Fail

I pre-ordered Portal 2 a month ago from the UK and it finally arrived last Friday.

Unfortunately due to PSN being brought to its knees by insecurity I am unable to use the supplied PC code and activate it.  I had really no intention of playing it on the PS3 other than to check out steam on it and maybe let my son play it with me.

I bet valve is none too happy about the issue because as of now:

Not much has been said (nothing really) about potential Steam account information being leaked but I guess now would be a good time to change your Steam password and to enable Steam Guard.

Portal World Record Breaker

Its no surprise that one of the most unique games released in recent years has been totally dominated by an Australian gamer.

In Gaming terms, Kingpin has redefined the process of completely "pwning" a game, initiating almost perfect execution.

Nobody comes close to Kingpin's incredible times and Valve should surely crown him

Portal Champion of the world.

Links: Kingpins Portal Vids OzSource thread.

Here is a selection of some of the Vids:

Portal Chamber 15 in 20 seconds


Portal speed run 17:50 Part1 of 2