Fantastic WordPress Themes from RocketTheme

A significant part of my decision to use Joomla in the past for some of my websites was due to the excellent assortment of themes available at RocketTheme. The monthly designs are excellent and make a perfect starting point to develop your own online identity.  The community at RocketTheme is also worth mentioning as they are the most helpful and knowledgeable group of designers and coders you could find on any site.  A great community.

The OpenSource CMS Joomla is not for everyone and not suitable for various types of websites, so it is extremely exciting to see Rockettheme and their fabulous themeing capability move into the WordPress theme arena.

RocketTheme's WordPress Theme Club is a new club based on the highly popular Joomla Template Club. It provides WordPress themes that can either be used along side an existing Joomla site or as for a stand-alone WordPress blog.

Some features:

The WordPress Theme Club starts at $50 for 2 domains and access to all their themes.  RocketThem also allow Developer solutions for small business or web developers who have the need to use many RocketTheme WordPress themes as a basis for their client production.

Available RocketTheme WordPress themes:

RocketTheme also have some of the best looking PhpBB3 themes available with their phpBB3 themeclub: