Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director Commentary & Gameplay

How good is this game looking?  Deus Ex is probably my all time favourite game on any platform and it appears to be getting getting the sequel/Prequel it truly deserves:


There was always a certain complexity with Deus Ex which has been lacking in recent years,  No! I am not going to mention Invisible War or the farce that was Dragon Age 2 but with gaming mechanics in general,  Developers seem to think the mainstream audience wants every game to be a pick up and play mind numbing borefest and will go out of their way making sure every subsequent game gets increasingly more streamlined.

If I want games like these I'll just watch a Blu-Ray!  I want the satisfaction of an in depth game, I want to be frustrated and then be rewarded for being awesome, I don't want the entire arsenal of the US army in my backpack at my every whim, I would much prefer stabbing some guy in the back with his dinner fork in order to hack his security system than be presented with a massive RPG in order to blast my way through a map.

Maybe its just me...

Final Fantasy XIII Collector's Edition Australian Preorder.

Final Fantasy XIII is going to be released on the 9th of March in Australia and if you can wait a few days, Fishpond have the Collectors Edition for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 editions for just $119.00.  My favorite Final Fantasy games in the franchise were  FF6 and FF5 on the Super Nintendo followed by FF8 on the PSX and FFX on the PS2.  I really hope this one holds up my expectations of JRPG brilliance, time will tell....

Final Fantasy XIII Collector's Edition [PS3]Final Fantasy XIII Collector's Edition [360]

Final Fantasy Limited Collector’s Edition Preorder:

Features a Branded presentation box containing the FINAL FANTASY XIII game, plus:


Gamelane Australia has an awesome price on the standard edition at $79.99