Make money from writing

One of the simplest ways to make money via the internet is simply to publish unique content or articles by either blogging or by submitting to an article directory.

A lot of online article directories like enzinearticles are used by marketers and webmasters as a backlinking and promotional source for their own products and websites.  This is great if you have the time to setup an online empire, but for making a bit of spare change, it is definitely not ideal.

I recently found an article site called InfoBarrel which actualy shares advertising revenue with you.  Perfect for a part time writer.

InfoBarrel is redefining the way average users participate in online media sites. By contributing their knowledge in the form of media (articles, videos, picture galleries or sound clips) any user can generate an income stream via the Google Adsense program while simultaneously contributing to a community of knowledge hungry individuals.

Every time a piece of your content is published on Infobarrel, you have the opportunity to make money. As a publisher on Infobarrel you are entitled to 75% of all the Google Adsense ad impressions generated by your content. You need a Google Adsense account in order to make money which you can do here.

Popular web hosting company reviews

A lot of the time when searching for a host you'll most likely come across a "Top hosting provider" site like our very own HostSocial, which basically provides a full list of hosting providers within certain countries or regions. The site usually has a few features so you can filter what you'd like to choose from a hosting provider, such as "US providers" or "UK providers" - you can also specify the amount of space/month transfer and how much you'd like to pay for a hosting package.

The best thing you can do when visiting such sites is to take a look at their user ratings and customer feedback.  Their ratings will be displayed next to the hosting provider in a list with ratings from 1 star to 10 stars (10 stars being the best rating possible and 1 being the worst) which users and customers have "rated" that specific company.

If you are a customer of that specific hosting company you can register on the top hosting providers website and leave feedback next to that hosting companies name - the much more and better feedback a company gets obviously means that the hosting provider offers a decent service and is most likely worth a try.

You may find that some of the best and most popular hosting providers are usually on the first page of search engines as they have spent a lot of money on advertising and promoting their website and business thus most likely a professional business that is committed to the industry.

Lunarpages answers the phone when you call them!

There are still tonnes of web hosting companies out there that have not yet been discovered completely by the public so it's always worth searching forums and search engines for less popular but reliable hosting providers so you get better speeds at brilliant prices.

5 Top US based Web Hosts.

Top 5 US web hosting providers

As you are already aware, there are thousands of web hosting companies to choose from in today’s market and pretty much all of them offer it with a good service at a very low price - thanks to the extremely competitive hosting market.  Reviews of US hosting companies like this one situated all across the web it makes it easy for webmasters to find their dream host they've waited long enough for.  These reviews of the companies are in no specific order but are 6 of the best US web hosting providers out there in today’s market.

1. Hostgator

Definitely one of the most popular hosting companies to date, the company does oversell its resources but no one has ever had any problems as they do have a lot of resources to provide for everyone across hundreds of servers. Prices are obviously very cheap as they oversell, but don't let this put you off they are truly a reliable company.

2. DreamHost

DreamHost are one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world and have been around for years.  They have a huge client base but they really are very reliable and extremely cheap supported by a massive community of fans.  They don't have cpanel but offer their own control panel which I think is infinitely superior allowing all the typical 1 click installs you would expect.  I also use dreamhost for this blog and you can find some discount coupons on This Page.


3. Godaddy

Known as a domain registrar more than anything - but their web hosting services are also just as good. Not the cheapest around but this company is as reliable as they come. Support is amazing with 24/7 around the clock technicians to see to all support requests.

Go Daddy $7.49 .com domains 468x60

4. LunarPages

Named after a Star Trek episode, Lunarpages provide clients with reliable technical support and customer service - for a big host this is particularly impressive with a 24-7 award winning customer support.  Like Dreamhost you can host multiple domains with the one account.  Lunar pages also offer 99.9% uptime to over 150,000 customers worldwide and you also get a free domain for the life of your account.  Highly recommended.

Lunarpages answers the phone when you call them!

5. JustHost

A very well populated hosting provider across the net, the feedback from customers is amazing and they are in many of the top 10 us hosting company sites - usually first! All of their clients are very happy with the service their hosting provider promises them, fast, good support and best of all value for money.

Professional Hosting fro Just Host

For more Hosting news and reviews try a Hosting review site like HostSocial.