Vimicro USB Webcam Driver

These Vimicro webcams can be had on ebay for around $15.

If you are anything like me, losing drivers for older hardware comes naturally. After scouring Google high and low I managed to find these working drivers.

Most search engines usually point to various sites who want to charge for this driver download. Here it is, no bull attached. Enjoy: Vimicro USB Webcam Driver 301

Works with Window98 to XP


I found the latest drivers for Windows 2000, XP and Vista 32 and 64 bit. Grab them here: Vimicro XP and Vista

And also this excellent Vimicro detection tool (with download link): Vimicro detector

The detector will download the correct driver for what ever Vimicro webcam model you have - Very handy.

All files as always, have been scanned with the latest version of Avast.

I'll keep updating this page as it seems to be a popular google search.

If you are still having major driver trouble, an application like Driver Finder can do wonders - never worry about a driver again.

Updated 22-06-10

There are quite a few cheap webcams available on ebay a lot still use the Vimicro chipset:

[phpbay]webcams, 8, "", ""[/phpbay]