Don't be fooled by those "Kiddie Hosts"

Most web hosting companies are good in all flavours of the web industry but just like any other industry you get the clowns that are here to seek out some quick dough but are then quick enough to get out the industry when they realise they're making no quick money offering web hosting services.  These are usually 14-16 year old kids who've managed to get in mommy and daddy's good books so they can use their paypal account - or if lucky enough their own paypal account.  While you do get these 14-16 year old kids that are just here to spoil the party you really do get some young teens that really do love the business with a passion and have a decent business online already making some serious money - which is hard to believe I know.

You will often find a lot of these kiddie hosts when visiting web development and hosting forums creating threads with all their server specs and services with a VERY cheap pricing structure. I'm not trying to knock all teens as some of them are very reliable - but I’d suggest keeping away from the ones that can hardly spell or their website design looks like it's been made by their little brothers and sisters, don't get yourself in that hole it's really not worth the hassle so avoid all.

This is when the good use of our popular hosting service "Reseller Account" or "Master Reseller Account" comes into play. Fortunately enough for these young teens they can have a paper round and still be able to pay for their monthly reseller costs thanks to the cheap prices - which isn't good news for you webmasters and developers out there. These kiddie hosts will quite literally get into your pockets and not even give you the service they promise in return because if they are unlucky not to have a paper round they'll not be able to afford these monthly reseller costs thus having to shut up shop and that will be the last you hear from them.

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