A script to Create your own coupon website

If you have ever visited the Coupon site RetailMeNot on any occasion, you would be aware of the potential earning capacity such a site like this can achieve.  A script like that can cost you thousands of dollars of development and time but thankfully not any more.  I recently scoured the net in search of something that would offer a webmaster the ability to create a Coupon site just like the big players and finally I have found the perfect coupon script.

Introducing BACS, the Coupon Script.

Checkout a Demo of the script in action on my dev site: www.ozsource.net

OzSource Coupon and Promo Site

The beauty of this script is that it allows you to setup not just an affiliate network, but also a coupon solution for you very own online shop, Coupons have always been big business and offering your customers discount coupons of any kind will drive sales and help with the all important Word of mouth.

If RetailMeNot can earn  in upwards of 10 million dollars a month why Can't you Earn just $10,000? Especially when you can have the same tools at your disposal?

A member of BACS Coupon Script recently stated that his earnings were $200 per day right after 20 days of the purchase of this coupon script.  SEO (search engine Optimisation) features predominately and this script is as google friendly as WordPress is, Search Engines love it.

Build A Coupon Site features:

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