WordPress: Redirect to Taxonomy

In rare situations, removing the WordPress single page format (single.php) and redirection to a parent such as a taxonomy can have massive advantages, especially if you have continuously expiring content.  This is a solution I came up specifically for use with The Couponic.

Coupons are their own post type (coupons_type) and this code redirects them to a Store based Taxonomy

This quick solution which can be added to your themes functions.php file:

add_action( 'template_redirect', 'redirect_single_coupon' );
function redirect_single_coupon()
is_singular( 'coupons_type' )
and wp_redirect( '../',301 )
and exit;


Remove Pagination from Appthemes Clipper

This one was doing my head in for a while.  I wanted to remove the coupon pagination from the WordPress theme Clipper and most of the suggestions via their forum involved commenting out the pagination function or creating a separate index loop. Crazy stuff, creating separate index files is an exercise in disaster and commenting out the code in general will remove pagination site wide; something I definitely did not want.

With wordpress, there is always a function for that and this issue is no exception.  How to Remove Pagination the easy way using the WordPress remove_action filter:

<?php remove_action( 'appthemes_after_endwhile', 'clpr_coupon_pagination'); ?>

Simply put this in your index file or any template you do not require coupon pagination.

PremiumPress Themes coming soon

Looking for a slick theme for your PremiumPress powered website?

Coming very soon will be a range of themes for PremiumPress suitable for both CouponPress, DirectoryPress and Shopperpress.  Stay tuned for more info.

Theme Sneak Previews: CouponPress Ice Blue and DirectoryPress IceBlue

Premiumpress Ice Blue by AzzX

Image links in WordPress - custom link not working?

When creating a link for an image in one of your posts, upon saving or updating your post,  WordPress defaults the link to the image source.  Annoying? Yes very much.

Apparently the issue has been resolved though has yet to make it into a stable build: Source.

This WordPress thread highlights the issue in greater depth:

Now when you upload an image it puts the url of the image in the link box (to where it is on your own site) and when you attempt to replace that with any other link, say, to the source of the image offsite) it erases it and puts the original.

A temporary solution until wordpress gets updated to version 3 is to link your images as normal in your post, then use the HTML editor to edit the image source and remove the

<a rel="attachment wp-att-3434" href

of the image and replace it with

<a href

Hopefully that tides you over until the bug is finally fixed.

The ultimate Coupon script and plugin

I have been dabbling a bit with the creation of a coupon type savings site based on a particular genre and have been trialing a few different scripts and plugins.  The last one I tried was a script called BACS php coupon script, which allowed you to create your own coupon stores along the lines of RTN and its popular brethren.

The issue I had with this script was the limited feature set, as it was missing basic features like RSS, Expiry date functionality and the lack of updates for some very significant issues.  Whilst searching good old Google, I came across CouponPress which is a plugin and theme environment for WordPress.

Don't let the fact that it just a WordPress theme because quite frankly, Couponpress is outright fantastic.  The fact it sits on top of WordPress gives you the best of both worlds, 1 it is easily the best coupon script I have found and 2, it works with WordPress making customisation, integration and design an absolute pleasure.

CouponPress Features

Ironically there is a coupon code available for CouponPress which is constantly updated on CouponIce Australia and yes this site runs CouponPress.

Greatest Paid WordPress themes available

WordPress themes Updated June 2011

Searching or creating a wordpress theme to suit can be a long and tedious affair.  There are an abundance of free themes available and you could spend days finding one that you like.  Sure you can create a theme from scratch or use a free one as a starting basis, but this takes time - and time is valuable.

Why not buy a premium theme?

In my journey into the wordpress world of online blogging and publishing, I have come across some sensational wordpress templates.  Some like the one this site is using, can turn a simple blogging platform into a fully dynamic cms.  Check out some of these paid wordpress templates or simply go to Pressed Themes for all the best themes in the one place.


Elegant WordPress themes have some rather spiffy looking designs covering almost everything you could want out of a blog.  My wife uses the Elegant Bluemist theme which you can see here: HeVShe

Simplicity, professionalism and a dose modest elegance is what you will find at Elegant WordPress themes and at a price of $19.95 per year for unlimited access, you can't go wrong.  In the past few months, Elegant has come a long way, integrating a fantastic theme admin panel.  Great Stuff.


WooThemes - Where there's a Woo, there's a way!

Woothemes sell wordpress themes separately or packaged with their themeclub and have on offer some truly impressive designs covering magazine type designs to marketing blogs.  A custom admin backend is also on offer along with custom write panels and some fascinating uses of wordpress.

Cutting edge WordPress templates


The newest and possibly the most advanced entry into WordPress theme designs are RocketTheme's WordPress Theme Club. This new club is based on the highly popular Joomla Template Club which now offers WordPress themes that can either be used along side an existing Joomla site or as for a stand-alone WordPress blog.

WordPress ThemesSome features:

The WordPress Theme Club starts at $50 for 2 domains and access to all their themes.  RocketThem also allow Developer solutions for small business or web developers who have the need to use many RocketTheme WordPress themes as a basis for their client production.


Some available RocketTheme WordPress themes:



These themes are unlike any other listed here as they can turn your generic wordpress install into a fully featured Shopping cart, directory script, coupon collection or even a real estate website.  Mixing the power of WordPress with the flexibility of the PremiumPress range of themes allows you to build a fully featured SEO friendly Ecommerce website in well under an hour.  Scripts that offer this sort of functionality can cost thousands of dollars yet these themes are well under $100.

What themes are available?

CouponPress is a professional coupon script for WordPress that turns any WordPress blog into a powerful coupon code or voucher code website with lots of coupon site features, in minutes!

RealtorPress is a premium Real Estate Script that will transform any WordPress blog into a powerful, SEO friendly, feature rich real estate website with lots of changeable real estate designs built in!

ShopperPress is a premium WordPress shopping cart theme and comes integrated with lots of professional shopping cart features, extra store designs and a ton of addons and extra plugins.

DirectoryPress is a clever directory script turns a WordPress blog into a powerful online directory website with lots of features, import tools and built in payment gateways allowing you to charge website visitors to submit their website to your directory.

Classifieds Theme is a powerful, secure, SEO friendly classifieds script for WordPress with lots of professional features and extra classified website designs.

AuctionPress is due for release next month and will transform any WordPress blog platform into a feature rich auction website with built in features such as member messaging,

Use the Coupon PREMIUMPRESS for a 20% discount on ShopperPress, CouponPress, DirectoryPress and the PrimiumPress Classifiedstheme.

Top Australian Affiliate Networks

If you have an Australian based website and would like to monetize it, there are a number of great Aussie affiliate networks to work with.  Matching related advertising to your audience is a must, there is no point in marketing a US online shop when most of your traffic is Australian based.

In no particular order here is a selection of the best Aussie networks to join:

Commission Factory

Commission Factory Affiliate Network

The newest major affiliate network in Australia, Commission Factory was created to fill the growing need within Australia for an network that is committed to merchants and affiliates, and their forever growing need for fast, reliable and simple interfaces that allow them to maximise their earnings and potential.

Commission Monster/ Viva 9

Founded in Melbourne ( Australia), the Company has been providing excellent proprietary Commission Monster Technology and infrastructure tools and services to advertisers and advertising agencies since 2003.  Commission Monster® meets all of your online advertising needs providing a fully developed pay-for-performance service where you determine the performance criteria.  One of the best Australian orientated networks to join with some big clients.


clixGalore Merchant Referral Commission Program

ClixGalore is one of Australia's biggest Affiliate Marketing networks which makes it easily build and start your own 'sale - CPA', 'lead - CPL', or 'click - CPC' based Affiliate program. clixGalore works seamlessly with 99% of all shopping carts and stores.


Digital River's oneNetworkDirect affiliate network, developed with the goal of being a top affiliate network, specializes in the software and digital marketplace.  It doesn't matter where you live or who your audience is, software can be bought globally and OneNetworkDirect has some of the biggest software clients and features the largest selection offered online today.

For more networks dedicated to Australians, please check out ozaffiliate.com.au which also lists smaller networks and Stores with their own in house affiliation program.

Fantastic WordPress Themes from RocketTheme

A significant part of my decision to use Joomla in the past for some of my websites was due to the excellent assortment of themes available at RocketTheme. The monthly designs are excellent and make a perfect starting point to develop your own online identity.  The community at RocketTheme is also worth mentioning as they are the most helpful and knowledgeable group of designers and coders you could find on any site.  A great community.

The OpenSource CMS Joomla is not for everyone and not suitable for various types of websites, so it is extremely exciting to see Rockettheme and their fabulous themeing capability move into the WordPress theme arena.

RocketTheme's WordPress Theme Club is a new club based on the highly popular Joomla Template Club. It provides WordPress themes that can either be used along side an existing Joomla site or as for a stand-alone WordPress blog.

Some features:

The WordPress Theme Club starts at $50 for 2 domains and access to all their themes.  RocketThem also allow Developer solutions for small business or web developers who have the need to use many RocketTheme WordPress themes as a basis for their client production.

Available RocketTheme WordPress themes:

RocketTheme also have some of the best looking PhpBB3 themes available with their phpBB3 themeclub:

One Theme WordPress themes now half Price

One Theme are currently slashing 50% Off all their themes.

One Theme is Multiple designed for different WordPress blog genres, powered by a unique custom control panel plugin called One Panel.  It turns WordPress into a capable CMS and it is full of innovative features that push the boundaries of a default WordPress installation beyond the blog-standard.

Rockettheme WordPress Themes

Years ago when I first ventured into Open Source content management platforms like Joomla and Drupal, I came across the Rockettheme premium theme site.  Damn the designs were nice, and tailoring theme to suite your needs was just so easy.  An extremely helpful community made

I was never happy with the Joomla platform as a whole and such design ability seemed wasted being limited to the one open source CMS platform.

That is until now, WordPress is now coming to Rockettheme. From Andy Miller, founder of the Rockettheme Theme Club:

We have many thousands of happy customers but some of those customers don't just work with Joomla, they work with other platforms such as Drupal and WordPress. Rather than focusing on one solution, they deploy the platform that best suits the needs of their clients and customers.

These themes are actually running on WordPress:

Rockettheme WordPress Themes