WordPress: Redirect to Taxonomy

In rare situations, removing the WordPress single page format (single.php) and redirection to a parent such as a taxonomy can have massive advantages, especially if you have continuously expiring content.  This is a solution I came up specifically for use with The Couponic.

Coupons are their own post type (coupons_type) and this code redirects them to a Store based Taxonomy

This quick solution which can be added to your themes functions.php file:

add_action( 'template_redirect', 'redirect_single_coupon' );
function redirect_single_coupon()
is_singular( 'coupons_type' )
and wp_redirect( '../',301 )
and exit;


Remove Pagination from Appthemes Clipper

This one was doing my head in for a while.  I wanted to remove the coupon pagination from the WordPress theme Clipper and most of the suggestions via their forum involved commenting out the pagination function or creating a separate index loop. Crazy stuff, creating separate index files is an exercise in disaster and commenting out the code in general will remove pagination site wide; something I definitely did not want.

With wordpress, there is always a function for that and this issue is no exception.  How to Remove Pagination the easy way using the WordPress remove_action filter:

<?php remove_action( 'appthemes_after_endwhile', 'clpr_coupon_pagination'); ?>

Simply put this in your index file or any template you do not require coupon pagination.

PremiumPress Themes coming soon

Looking for a slick theme for your PremiumPress powered website?

Coming very soon will be a range of themes for PremiumPress suitable for both CouponPress, DirectoryPress and Shopperpress.  Stay tuned for more info.

Theme Sneak Previews: CouponPress Ice Blue and DirectoryPress IceBlue

Premiumpress Ice Blue by AzzX

Top Australian Affiliate Networks

If you have an Australian based website and would like to monetize it, there are a number of great Aussie affiliate networks to work with.  Matching related advertising to your audience is a must, there is no point in marketing a US online shop when most of your traffic is Australian based.

In no particular order here is a selection of the best Aussie networks to join:

Commission Factory

Commission Factory Affiliate Network

The newest major affiliate network in Australia, Commission Factory was created to fill the growing need within Australia for an network that is committed to merchants and affiliates, and their forever growing need for fast, reliable and simple interfaces that allow them to maximise their earnings and potential.

Commission Monster/ Viva 9

Founded in Melbourne ( Australia), the Company has been providing excellent proprietary Commission Monster Technology and infrastructure tools and services to advertisers and advertising agencies since 2003.  Commission Monster® meets all of your online advertising needs providing a fully developed pay-for-performance service where you determine the performance criteria.  One of the best Australian orientated networks to join with some big clients.


clixGalore Merchant Referral Commission Program

ClixGalore is one of Australia's biggest Affiliate Marketing networks which makes it easily build and start your own 'sale - CPA', 'lead - CPL', or 'click - CPC' based Affiliate program. clixGalore works seamlessly with 99% of all shopping carts and stores.


Digital River's oneNetworkDirect affiliate network, developed with the goal of being a top affiliate network, specializes in the software and digital marketplace.  It doesn't matter where you live or who your audience is, software can be bought globally and OneNetworkDirect has some of the biggest software clients and features the largest selection offered online today.

For more networks dedicated to Australians, please check out ozaffiliate.com.au which also lists smaller networks and Stores with their own in house affiliation program.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted

Another WordPress upgrade issue.  This time the exact error message is as follows:

Downloading update from http://wordpress.org/wordpress-2.8.3.zip.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2357261 bytes) in /home/xxx/public_html/wp-includes/http.php on line 1324

There are a couple ways to fix this issue, with the easiest is to edit wp-settings.php at line 13 and increase the value from 32M to 64M:

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');

As per this WordPress support topic you can also increase your host php limit which will help fix the issue in the future.


I got this error in one of my WordPress installs: Incompatible archive PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid archive structure.

In this case it was due to using an installer such as Fantastic or Installatron to initially setup WordPress, a manual install over my current install fixed this.  There is Further research here on WordPress.org also.

The solution is to download this version of http.php and install it over your own wp-includes/http.php file. Presto! all good to go.

WordPress: Cannot redeclare pclziputilpathreduction()

If you have tried the new auto updating in WordPress 2.7 and have been given this error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare pclziputilpathreduction() (previously declared in /Yourhome...

Deactivate the WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin WPAU as it is no longer needed.