Teething: Dads current headache.

My 2nd son, Jax, is a bit of a late starter in getting his first teeth and is not really one to show pain or even cry.  This morning he did – cry that is.

He wakes up – Cry Time!

Has a cuddle – Cry Time.

Has lunch – Cry Time!

Has panadol – Cry Time!

His blazing red cheeks are a sure indication that he is teething though he has never expressed it with this sort of emotion before.  I was at a bit of a loss at what I could do to cheer him up.  The panadol seemed to work after a few hours and he finally went for his afternoon nap much to the relief of his dad and brother.

When Mum got home from work, she noticed a bit of wax around the outside of his right ear.  After a bit more of unhappy Bub, we took him to a late night Doctor who inspected his ear and throat.  My Poor Son had developed an ear infection as well as a  throat infection apparently common with a teething baby.  I felt like a bit of a failure not noticing the symptoms though it is a learning lesson.  Each of my Sons displays signs of pain in different ways.  No one said to me being a House Dad required you to be a Doctor, a psychologist, a Cook, a cleaner as well as a Dad.

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  1. I have just gone through the exact same experience with my little 5 month old boy, I’m a first time mum too and feel terrible that I was putting all his irritability down to teething!! Won’t make that mistake again. Good luck with it!

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