The Parenting Tips That Everyone Should Know

1. Spend Time With Your Children

Spend time with your children.  This is the number one tip.  Remember the popular TV show, the suite life of Zack and Cody? Okay, do you remember the show where London and Maddie compare families? London, although rich; barely knew her parents; while Maddie, although she didn’t have as much money, knew her parents and loved to spend time with them.  London respected her father because he was rich, but Maddie respected hers because she loved him.  Why? Because he spent time with her.

2. Don’t break promises

You don’t want your child to break promises? Don’t break the promises you make to them.  If you say you’re going to be at a basketball game, be there! If you can’t, make sure your child understands the reasons why.  But if you promise, make every effort to follow through on your promises.  Remember, children usually do as they are taught through watching more than through listening.

3. Follow your own rules

You want your children not to eat in the living room? Don’t eat in the living room.  You want your children not to watch TV past nine o’clock? Don’t watch TV past nine o’clock.  You can set your own rules, but they won’t do much good unless you follow them also.

4. Get the story – the whole story

So your child broke a glass picture.  Why did it break? What was the child doing when it broke? Were his friends there? Was it a valuable picture? Was he disobeying the rules? Get the whole story before you decide on what should be done.  Don’t make snap judgment.

5. Manage your temper

Don’t yell at your kids if they don’t need it! If they haven’t done anything wrong, don’t yell at them! Take a deep breath and calm yourself down.  Don’t swear and don’t verbally or physically abuse your children. This will make them respect you – out of fear.  You want your children to respect you because of love, not fear.  Take a deep breath and relax.  Walk out of the room.  If you’re verbally or physically abusing your child, seek help-and a place for your children to stay until you can manage your temper.

6. Teach your child to share

If you don’t teach your child to share at home, he’s going to have to learn to share at preschool, and that’s not a fun experience for the teachers.  Even if your child is an only child, you can still make him share: with you, with his friends, with others.  Teaching your child to share young will help him later on in life.

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