The ultimate Coupon script and plugin

I have been dabbling a bit with the creation of a coupon type savings site based on a particular genre and have been trialing a few different scripts and plugins.  The last one I tried was a script called BACS php coupon script, which allowed you to create your own coupon stores along the lines of RTN and its popular brethren.

The issue I had with this script was the limited feature set, as it was missing basic features like RSS, Expiry date functionality and the lack of updates for some very significant issues.  Whilst searching good old Google, I came across CouponPress which is a plugin and theme environment for WordPress.

Don’t let the fact that it just a WordPress theme because quite frankly, Couponpress is outright fantastic.  The fact it sits on top of WordPress gives you the best of both worlds, 1 it is easily the best coupon script I have found and 2, it works with WordPress making customisation, integration and design an absolute pleasure.

CouponPress Features

    • Ready Out of the box.
    • Easy Administration.
    • No programming required
    • integrated ‘social booking marking’ tools
    • Complete Store Management
    • Google Analytics tracking integration.
    • Aweber integration options.
    • Plugin and widget ready
    • SEO Friendly, the list of functionality just goes on and on.

Ironically there is a coupon code available for CouponPress which is constantly updated on CouponIce Australia and yes this site runs CouponPress.

1 thought on “The ultimate Coupon script and plugin”

  1. If you are interested in a Retailmenot clone script enter here

    The script it’s self … well it is a script, you install it and you place coupons and orders.
    Probably the same as all Retailmenot clone script.

    The advantage of this script?
    You can buy plugins that reduce you work to minutes per day to include hundreds of coupons and deals.
    Those plugins also delete the offers after they expire.

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