Vimicro USB Webcam Driver

These Vimicro webcams can be had on ebay for around $15.

If you are anything like me, losing drivers for older hardware comes naturally. After scouring Google high and low I managed to find these working drivers.

Most search engines usually point to various sites who want to charge for this driver download. Here it is, no bull attached. Enjoy: Vimicro USB Webcam Driver 301

Works with Window98 to XP


I found the latest drivers for Windows 2000, XP and Vista 32 and 64 bit. Grab them here: Vimicro XP and Vista

And also this excellent Vimicro detection tool (with download link): Vimicro detector

The detector will download the correct driver for what ever Vimicro webcam model you have – Very handy.

All files as always, have been scanned with the latest version of Avast.

I’ll keep updating this page as it seems to be a popular google search.

If you are still having major driver trouble, an application like Driver Finder can do wonders – never worry about a driver again.

Updated 22-06-10

There are quite a few cheap webcams available on ebay a lot still use the Vimicro chipset:

[phpbay]webcams, 8, “”, “”[/phpbay]

64 thoughts on “Vimicro USB Webcam Driver”

  1. I bought this camera because of the infra red feature and ended up being a really good camera with good resolution. The infra red makes it quite unique.

  2. hey thanks for the link coz im having trouble locating and downloading the right driver for my webcam.. thanks again

  3. Uncertified drivers does not mean its a bad driver, It just has not been submitted to Microsoft for signing.

    As for instructions on use: Extract the driver package, plug in camera, when windows asks for the driver – point it to the extracted directory.

  4. I’ve been searching for this driver for hours since!!! it only took a few seconds to download the files and it worked!!!!



  5. Thanks for driver. Lesson learned: don’t buy unknown brand which is almost unheard on the Net and has a teeny crappy website that won’t last long. Should have considered Logitech instead.

  6. Hi I have one of these webcams, i believe it is vc0303. my laptop is vista. camera lights and sound work but no picture (black screen) when i try to download your vimicro detector my laptop goes crazy, flashing screen constantly!! i have to shut down computer, when i try to download other version, same thing happens, can anyone advise my why this is happening and why i only get black screen on webcam???? helpl!!!! its driving me crazy!!! Many thanks Gail

  7. The Vimicro detector should work – It is made by Vimicro.
    Could be a graphics issue, Try downloading new drivers (after uninstalling your current ones) for your graphics chip and maybe try updating DirectX also.

  8. Thank you so much i ahve been looking everywere for this as this camera is marketed under a whole bunch of brandnames
    You should get a medal!

  9. chip detector does not work on my xp i does detec the camera but driver didnt work it stall the camera but not donout doesnt work

  10. Sorry, you have no video capture hardware..
    ..This is the message that appears when i open the AMCAP..
    ..It is still not working for me..Need help..Please..I lost the installation cd for this webcam..

  11. I want to thank you from bottom of my heart. I have searched everywhere, but none worked. This is the best place for the vimicro drivers. Thanks a lot

  12. There’s nothing really wrong with my usb ports..Any usb device works..Thank you so much for the reply..I’ve been waiting..Need help..

  13. I tried to download the driver-it keeps asking for the disk, which I don’t have. I must be doing something wrong-any suggestions? Thanks for providing this.

    • Click on “Have Disc” and point it to the directory you extracted the download. It will then install. A restart may be required if you are using XP.

      Let me know if you need more in depth detail πŸ™‚

  14. Oh-my-god, thank you sooo much, i lost the CD so it wouldnt work, i lost the CD to my other webcam to, but yayy, its workingg .! Thanx


  15. Hi, with best wishes.
    however you gaved me the key for searching vimicro driver but it isn’t worked for mine.
    my PC camera is Vimicro 03505 OR “305+6241”
    your Driver with a little change recognise it as “ZC305” But I know it is not that model. here writed too many number
    like “305+6241” , “DLV-B22” and “03505”
    I think 305 determine model type but what about other??
    it has 6 led ….
    Do u have any Idea??
    my email is
    thanx a lot

  16. Right click My computer.
    Click properties.
    Go to Device manager.
    Select webcam device.
    Click update driver.
    Click on β€œHave Disc” and point it to the directory you extracted the download. It will then install. A restart may be required if you are using XP.

  17. Hey dude, how do I get this driver used for my Xtech Webcam. I tried using yr drivers for my webcam but it doesnt get detected. Any suggestions.

  18. downloaded both files, update wizard goes half way through and then asks for usb pc camera disk into cdrom nd then click ok. dont have disc…


  19. forgot to mention i did tell it to look in that folder for drivers. it says not passed windows testing, i hit continue, it starts to load about 60% through &; stops at tsbyuv.dll then asks to insert disc πŸ™ – its looking for usbVM305.sys

  20. Thanks a ton man! The driver CD that came with this was useless and installed the wrong version, i finally got the camera working with this driver. BTW I have a 480K version of the camera.

  21. Hey hey.
    I purchased a Prestigio 2Mp High Performance Cam but I can’t find a working driver for it.

    The driver that’s included in the packaging “drv354” is definitely NOT working.

    Where can I find one that’ll be compatible? Could this one work?

    Thanks in advance

  22. Hey. I’ve downloaded the driver and my computer finally connects with the cam and recognize it.
    Only problem now is that i get no picture, only a white screen…

    What’s the problem?

    • Is this only in MSN as I have come across this before.

      Make sure the webcam has been selected otherwise run the MSN live installer and update MSN (even if it doesn’t require updating)


  23. hi thankls for the driver , iv found it a few places today(as iv lost the original disc) but i cant get any of these lil driver packs that have the mic driver too , i remeber the original disc wwent thru 2 installations, 1 for cam and 1 for mic but cant seem to get mic working , would love to have it all firing as we talk to relatives in Australia alot and its so much easier with mic!!
    any help greatfully appreciated

  24. The Vimicro cam I have just gets plugged into the Microphone input on my soundcard, you just need to set it up in the volume control panel. The webcam MSN wizard should help with this also.

  25. thank you sooo much.
    ive been searching for this driver for so long so i decided to take the camera apart and look at the chip πŸ™‚
    thanks heaps.

  26. thanks for the link on the DETECTOR program — hard to trust programs like that, but that Vimicro DETECTOR worked for my vista — thanks again

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