worst parents in the world-Xbox prank

In the world of gaming, this is one of the meanest things I have ever seen – Poor kid.

When you were a kid did your parents ever do anything mean to you for their own amusement? Whatever it was, something tells us it wasn’t as evil as what Jonathan’s (above) family did on Christmas morning, having him unwrap an empty Xbox box with some shirts inside — while on video, mind you…. 


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1 thought on “worst parents in the world-Xbox prank”

  1. I know endgame is looking for this boy. I hope they do find the real kid and do something for him. This video broke my heart! That little boy looked like my best friend’s son, and I love that boy. I just want to give poor Johnathan a hug! Wish I could do something for him.

    It’s ok to not be able to afford things like that, but to dangle something like that in front of him…not funny. Cruel and heartless on Christmas no less. There was no lesson in this. This was just mean spirited.

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