Adobe CS3 save crash fix

The ironic thing about being a (paid) Mac user and living the hype is the fact they are about as stable as a table on the Titanic – especially when it comes to real work.

The issue:

Adobe Creative Suite 3 products crash when you save, open, or place a file, after installing the Version Cue CS3 3.1.0 update (Mac OS X v10.4.x – 10.5)After you install the Adobe Version Cue CS3 3.1.0 update, the following Creative Suite 3 products may crash when you attempt to save, open, or place a file on Mac OS X:

  • Adobe InDesign CS3
  • Adobe InCopy CS3
  • Adobe Illustrator CS3
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
  • Adobe Bridge CS3

See this Adobe technote for the fix

Direct Download

The reason Adobe gives is “The Version Cue update was not successfully completed and the installed VersionCueUI.framework file is damaged.”

The real reason probably lies with the current relationship Apple and Adobe seem to be having and the fact that OSX sux.

4 thoughts on “Adobe CS3 save crash fix”

  1. Our cs3 Bridge would not open at all. When trying to execute the program an unexpected error comes up. Only options are to submit the problem or cancel. I have tried this “FixVCUIFramework” patch and did not do the trick.

    My Mac info:
    Mac OS x 10.1.11
    Intel core Dual 2GHz
    2GB DDR2 FB Dimm

    I’ve tried updating Bridge and that did not work either. I’ve also tried to reset preferences, Purge entire Thumbnail Cache and Reset to default workspace, this did not work. Any ideas would be great.

    • Nice comment Mike. Apple are more interested in the low end market these days so you will have to get used to it. I recently intalled CS4 on our Macs and PC’s and OSX still has issues – It shouldn’t happen at all. The more I have to fix OSX type issues the more I dislike the OS. The PC version of Adobe CS4 has native 64bit support and is a lot more reliable.

  2. I agree totally with Mike. Adobe is the one that sux as I see it. Arrogant. You rent their great product for full price and use it until they decide the lease is up and just in effect cut you off by not support THEIR product (oh-Unless you want to pay another $40 bucks a pop to have them jump start it again for you- how sweet of them-sweet like salt in a wound – I am cutting ties after two decades – I’ll find something more favorable to work with. I don’t do business with companies that act like jerks. And Adobe has been so successful at turning me totally off I certainly won’t come back for more of that. 20 years/ and they couldn’t care less. Arrogant.

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