Create a favicon in Photoshop

Works with Adobe Photoshop CS3 Mac and PC Platforms.

First you need this really useful plugin from It works fine with Photoshop CS3 for PC.

  • Create a new Photoshop document 16×16 pixels or a multiple of this such as 32×32, 64×64.  We can optimise the image size later on.
  • If you want a transparent favicon, make sure the background of the image is transparent.  If not, a quick way of removing the background is to select it using the magic wand and hitting delete.  or select the background with the magic wand – Click the Photoshop Select menu and select Similar. That should select all the background in one hit – hit the delete key to remove the background.
  • Save this as your Photoshop favicon Master
  • Now go to File –  Save for Web & Devices in the Photoshop menu
  • Select GIF, click transparency on if required (diffusion transparency filter should be fine), set image size to 16×16 pixels and save.
  • Reopen this gif file in Photoshop and finally save it as an icon file.

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